HIPHOP Outreach: CCPOA enlists Ex-CO Rick Ross

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Ross says he would be a CO again “If I needed to”

Former Florida CO William Leonard Roberts II remade himself into Gangster persona "Rick Ross." Once his CO past was revealed, Hip-Hop turned on him and the Gangster Disciples have issued a green light on him.

Former Florida CO William Leonard Roberts II remade himself into Gangster persona “Rick Ross.” Once his CO past was revealed, Hip-Hop turned on him –The Gangster Disciples promise to kill him. (Zoom image)

Paco admits to a measurable ignorance of the Hip-Hop subculture and ‘Gangsta Rap.’ I daresay a good many of our readers proudly share my ignorance of the phenomena. In that regard, I completed just enough research to relate the story of “Rick Ross”–The Gangster of Love.

Unlike “Real” rappers such as Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. (was “Snoop Dogg,” now “Snoop Lion”) Rick Ross has no street-gang bona-fides.  Rick Ross is, in fact,  a “Gangsta” stage persona created and performed by William Leonard Roberts II.

Unfortunately for Roberts, his chosen nome de plume is the real name of a real thug “Freeway” Rick Ross  who sued him, unsuccessfully, claiming Roberts had co-opted his life story.  Roberts won on 1st Amendment grounds but the suit served to reinforce and advance rumors of his dark secret: He used to be one of the good guys.

Additionally, Roberts pissed off some very powerful people when he featured a Star of David in one of his albums or videos.  No, it wasn’t the JDL but the criminal gang Gangster Disciples (GD) who objected as they apparently adopted the sacred symbol to represent their horde  of evil and lost souls.They also objected to his use of the image and names of GD leaders.

So, The Gangster of Love is dogged by constant death threats and some very real attempts.

You sow what you reap.  You sow what you rap.

Now, as to the wisdom of CCPOA enlisting Ross for their new Youth outreach HIPHOP (Helping Inspire Pride and Hope Outside Prison), Paco encourages you to read the new Peacekeeper, just mailed, before making up your mind.  The interview is riveting and the program sounds, well, interesting.

Linked below are several background articles…

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6 Comments to “HIPHOP Outreach: CCPOA enlists Ex-CO Rick Ross”

  1. kl2008a says:

    more of OUR ever increasing dues money going to fuzzy warm make-me-feel-good BS programs that will not change our image or help make our jobs any safer or get us a raise. What’s next sending CCPOA $$ to the Ukraine to assist in foreign aid?

    • pacovilla says:

      You really should wait until you get your PK! Or double check the categories. :)

      • kl2008a says:

        Sorry Paco, just caught it. As for my earlier comment – NEVERMIND!

        • pacovilla says:

          To be clear, only the part about CCPOA is a spoof. All the stuff about the so-called artist is accurate. Glad you enjoyed it, my friend.

          • kl2008a says:

            Paco, thanks for the laugh. The only thing that bothers me is that with the current EC it wouldn’t surprise me, as reflected by any of the other hairbrain stuff they spend our dues on.

  2. Howie Katz says:

    It really warms my heart to know that the Gangster Disciples (GD) are proud of their Jewish heritage. Shalom!