Workers comp sex club shooting case goes to the jury.

Mar 8th, 2012 | By | Category: Courts

Paco’s regular readers may remember some time back the story of former Correctional Officer John Smiley and his wife Cynthia Ann Biasi-Smiley.  Smiley was shot at a sex club in San Francisco in the wee hours of April 27, 2008.  The Smiley’s testified that he was shot in the back by a parolee and therefore claimed his injury was job related.  The shooting left Smiley paralyzed from the waist down.

The prosecution claims that the parolee story is a lie in order to get a settlement from comp.  Much of the prosecution case stems apparently from Smiley’s assignment as a transportation bus driver.  They assert that there is not enough time for a parolee to focus on Smiley and recognize him away from work.

Both sides agree that there was a dispute between Smiley and another man.  Smiley was having sex with the man’s wife at the club while Biasi-Smiley was having sex with that man, which is of course the whole idea of a swinger’s club.

Clicking here will link to a Sacramento PRAVDA story on this subject.

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