Woman and two children murdered by boyfriend in Texas

Jun 21st, 2012 | By | Category: Bob's Blotter, Death Penalty

A woman was murdered in South Texas by her boyfriend in a string of killings that also took the lives of the woman’s six-year old and one-year old children.

Desmond Bluntson, 36, is the woman’s boyfriend and the father of the one-year old.  He is currently a guest of the county and is being held on a charge of capital murder.  (Why is it I suspect the great state of Texas will have no trouble scragging this sonofabitch if it turns out he did do it?)

Brandy Cerny’s body was last seen at church on Sunday.  When she didn’t show up for work on Monday the cops started checking.  The bodies of the two boys, Jaydin and Davian were found at a hotel in Laredo where they had checked in with Bluntson.  When the cops knocked on the hotel room door they heard gunshots, which apparently was Bluntson killing the boys.  The mother’s body was found hours later in a shack on property owned by Bluntson’s family.

Clicking here will link to an AP story on this subject.

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