Whistleblower gets $343,000 from library

May 1st, 2012 | By | Category: Courts

More than three years ago a clerk at the Sacramento Public Library blew the whistle on what appeared to be a kickback arrangement that ended up with three people in prison.  Diane Boerman, the clerk in that case,  just settled her retaliation lawsuit against the Library Authority for $343.000.

Ms. Boerman was the senior accounts clerk.  She went to her bosses and told them that there appeared to be something wrong with the maintenance projects billing.  The former library director, Anne Marie Gold, ignored her.  Boerman also asserted that Gold started messing with her career.

Boerman is getting $300,000 to drop her lawsuit and $43,000 in severance.  She is currently on administrative leave.  The current library director, Rivkah Sass, said the library’s insurance carrier will cover the $300,000 and the library is on the hook for the $43,000.

The Grand Jury and the DA both looked at the case after Boerman’s allegations went public.  They found about 1,400 padded invoices for maintenance.  Facilities Director Dennis Nilsson, 65, security chief James E. Mayle, 67, (libraries have security chiefs ?) and his wife Janie Rankins-Mayle, 63, all went to prison for their actions.  They were ordered to pay $800,000 in restitution.

Just goes to show you, sometimes the good guy, and the taxpayers win.  The road is often long, hard and rocky but sometimes it happens.  Clicking here will link to a Sacramento PRAVDA piece on this story.

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