When is a sex-offender NOT a sex-offender?

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A brief note and attached article from a regular reader…

AB109 promised only "non-sex-offenders" would be dumped on the counties.  In some counties, it seems, failing to register as a sex offender is not a sex offense.

AB109 promised only “non-sex-offenders” would be dumped on the counties. In some counties, it seems, failing to register as a sex offender is not a sex offense.


Before I was impacted by lay off I saw first hand that some 290’s, not all, that were released as a PRCS had a current commitment offense of “Failure to Register as a Sex Offender.” Well obviously there had to be a reason for them to have to register in the first place. It’s ludicrous!


Police Arrest Suspected Child Sex Predator After He Allegedly Flees To Lake Arrowhead Cabin

AZUSA (CBSLA.com) — Police Wednesday say they managed to track down a man suspected of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old in Azusa.

Robert Arvizu, 41, was suspected in an incident that occurred Sunday.

Investigators say the ex-felon was released early from state prison to local county probation in accordance with the controversial AB 109 prison realignment program, Azusa Police Lt. Steve Hunt said.

“He has an extensive violent criminal history,” Hunt said…

Investigators realized the suspect was on the run and the San Gabriel Valley AB 109 Task Force deployed resources to track him down. They learned Arvizu may be staying in Lake Arrowhead.

On Tuesday, task force officers found Arvizu hiding at a Lake Arrowhead cabin in the 600 block of Wesley Drive and placed him under arrest…

Hunt says the AB 109 Task Force is critical to cases involving early-release inmates…(Full text at CBS News)

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One Comment to “When is a sex-offender NOT a sex-offender?”

  1. gps3056 says:

    U said it Dianne. Just remember they are screened and evaluated by CDCr evaluators to ensure the offenders are deemed “Low Risk Sex Offenders” on the STATIC Score (what ever that magical number is this week). So when they are paroled, then probation can supervise these folks with caseloads of probably + 50 to +60 offenders on one caseload (thats probably not even close to Los Angeles County Probation caseload sizes with 290 offenders), but we will say that for the conservative purposes of this arguement. We know from working these caseloads, that STATIC Scores are often misleading and underscored regarding the true criminality of this type of offender. Case being that I use to prepare an Actvity Report outlining the prior arrests (but know conviction) for sexual crimes to have the offender “bumped from a Passive to an Active case. Of course this was before the SH_T hit the in No Cal and every offender was treated as an Active case. This scenario you touched on is one of the biggest kept secrets regarding AB109 loop holes.
    Wave II laid off Parole Agent/ 290 Unit