WALLmart rioter: ‘They always beat us and hit us. We just pay them back.’

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Paco: CCA’s YouTube video dry-snitches its incompetence

"My name is Stanley Searcy. I currently operate as a lieutenant at Adams Community Correctional Center. Been here for eight months. First time in corrections. Love it..." --CCA YouTube November 2009

Cause of Private Prison Melee Disputed

by R.L. Nave | Jackson Free Press
…On Sunday, a reporter with Jackson-based WAPT interviewed an inmate who also sent the television station cell-phone photos of scenes during the riot.According to the news station’s report, the man said: “They always beat us and hit us. We just pay them back. We’re trying to get better food, medical (care), programs, clothes, and we’re trying to get some respect from the officers and lieutenants.”

Bill Chandler, executive director of the Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance [MIRA], said the organization has received similar complaints of abuse and racism from guards from inmates and loved ones…

Media reports suggest that after an initial disturbance, events escalated when corrections staff started using tear gas on the prisoners. Adams County Sheriff Chuck Mayfield told the Associated Press that a gang fight sparked the melee.

Chandler is dubious about Mayfield’s account because none of the letters he received mention anything about a gang war, nor did the inmate who called WAPT…

Emilee Beach, spokeswoman for the prison, said the investigation into the cause of the riot was ongoing and she couldn’t comment. Beach did say that while the presence of gangs was common at correction facilities, “I can’t say that that is a huge problem here…”

MIRA’s Chandler said that such private prisons are often wrought with troubles. CCA, which trades publicly on the New York Stock Exchange, has had its share of controversy in recent years.

The company, which operates local jails and state and federal prisons, has been the subject of numerous lawsuits alleging physical and sexual abuse as well as failure to provide adequate health care at its facilities.

“These private prisons lead to problems. They’re there to make a profit…” (Full text at Jackson Free Press)

Meet CCA’s Adams Correctional Center on YouTube

Not to pick on poor Stanley Searcy but his 24 seconds of fame (02:28-02:52) truly show him to be the poster child for all that is wrong with private prisons.

I mean, I’m not saying I haven’t seen people fast tracked to lieutenant but that took  nearly 5 years.  At the Adams County WALLmart Stanley apparently walked in the door and received his bars–Or did he work his way up through the ranks in 8 long months?.

Who knows what qualified a “first time in corrections” applicant to be an LT?  Maybe he showed up with his own jumpsuit!  In any case, after watching the embedded video, I am amazed these folks managed to run the place for nearly 3 years before it all fell apart.

Does Paco buy the inmate allegations of brutality?

Yes.  More accurately, I find them believable.

History tells us poorly trained, inexperienced and INADEQUATELY SUPERVISED prison staff tend to be rather heavy handed.  Moreover, something led these folks to run amok, take hostages and commit murder–The company line of a nebulous “gang fight” is lacking on its face.  We have all seen plenty of gang fights on the yards and they don’t end with hostages and dead staff.  Couple that with the tightly controlled communications coming from WALLmart and it’s obvious they are practicing damage control, not providing what should be public information.

Note that everyone in the video  Meet CCA’s Adams Correctional Center makes a point of saying how much they “love” the job, the company and everyone they work with–Searcy even said he loves “the warden, the chief of security and the assistant chief of security.”  Even CDCR would be ashamed to produce such a blatant piece of propaganda–Subtle, more digestible propaganda being the government standard.

Again, whether the security staff at ACCC brutalized the detainee population or not, the problem there comes down to a simple quote: “I currently operate as a lieutenant at Adams County Correctional Center. Been here for 8 months. First time in corrections. Love it. Wouldn’t be doing anything else right now. Love the people I work with. Love the warden…”  (Meet CCA’s Adams Correctional Center on YouTube 02:28-02:52)

On similar and somewhat sensitive track, I am compelled to address the issue of fallen private prison guards.

In yesterday’s comment thread, one of our original Riders, Centurion, expresses the belief the CPO Foundation should provide assistance to the murder victim’s survivors and I disagree.  In point of fact, the victim was not a correctional officer, he was a private security guard employed by CCA.  I do not consider private prison guards to be “scabs,” however, they work for firms that seek to take over our prisons and undermine the profession.

So, heartless as it may sound, I say let WALLmart take care of its employees and their survivors needs.   Having said that, when CCA, GEO, SERCO et al provide comfort and support to the survivors of real correctional officers, I will rethink whether or not we should embrace faux CO’s.

In the interim,  your  thoughts on the subject are hereby  enlisted.  Are faux CO’s part of our “professional family?” 

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4 Comments to “WALLmart rioter: ‘They always beat us and hit us. We just pay them back.’”

  1. Don Ingram says:

    Well said PACO, they are trying to cover up the real fact that they are criminals and cannot follow the rule of law. I have always believed that private prisons is not the way to go because they are out to make money and will cut cost to achieve that go not taking into consideration the safety of officers and inmates. You want quality correctional officers, then pay a quality salary and give the correctional officers the training required to carry out the job that they need. You know the old saying? “You pay for what you get, low wages get unqualified employees”.

  2. Tropia says:

    I don’t buy it either, these unarmed rent-a-cops are afraid to go hands on breaking up fights (in the clips I’ve seen) I can’t quite picture an inmate allowing himself to be victimized especially by an unarmed pseudo guard.

    The Lt probably got a criminal justice degree from one of those highly accredited on-line colleges (sic) along with 2 years of mall cop experience and that’s all CCA requires as a prerequisite to wear brass, but hey, we have AW and CDW’s without any correctional experience too.

    Finally, I sure am glad we don’t have to dress like the ice cream man!

  3. IcyHot says:

    Well said Paco.

  4. Captain Hat says:

    Brutal shots on the luey but on the mark. Maybe he really does love the warden and all those people because they are family members.

    I have a really cool ship captain hat. Bet I can be Captain out there as long as I love everyone.