Vacaville officer still missing following ball game

Jun 30th, 2012 | By | Category: Miscellany


A Vacaville Correctional Officer has now been missing for several days following a baseball game in San Francisco.

Victor Murillo, 27, a Dodger fan, had been at the game at San Francisco on Monday when he disappeared in the vicinity of Pier 30-32 near Bryant St. and the Embarcadero.  He was with a friend, they both had been drinking and he may have been intoxicated.  The general belief is that he fell off the pier.  Several dozen of Murillo’s friends have been searching for him since the incident.  Some even rented kayaks and searched under the piers for him.

This incident was a major news item when it happened, though Murillo was only identified as a Correctional Officer yesterday.

Clicking here will link to a Oakland Tribune piece on this story.

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