Unrepentant parolee murderer and kidnapper will now contribute to our future employment

Jul 19th, 2012 | By | Category: Gold Star Parolee

Donald Ray Anderson, 56, was a transient parolee a while back when he murdered a man in Fresno that he met through a prison ministry.  The murder victim, Michael Weisser, 62, was known as Breadman for his work with the homeless community.  Anderson then kidnapped Weisser’s wife Donna, 61, at knifepoint and drove her to Selma where he released her.  Anderson lived with the couple off and on over a period of a couple of years.  Anderson was on parole for a 1994 rape.  He has stated he has no remorse about the murder.

Anderson will now get three hots and a cot for the next 72 years, sucking up taxpayer resources all the while and getting first-class health care at the same time.

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4 Comments to “Unrepentant parolee murderer and kidnapper will now contribute to our future employment”

  1. Gadfly says:

    Dear James,

    This scenario seems somewhat familiar (in a sense) to our family’s own beloved Uncle Bob the Felon, or UBTF (my father’s half-brother.) He had been to prison twice (once for rape, once for kidnapping.) He mooched off of my God-fearing grandmother most of his life until he reached about age 50. Then he decided to put into action his retirement plan. Bob had always dreamed of having all his needs taken care of by others. He told us many times he would spend the rest of his life in prison, when he was ready.

    So in 1994, he robbed my grandmother at gunpoint in her home and stole her car. He drove to San Bernardino, had his way with a prostitute, murdered her, and drove to Las Vegas for a wild gambling venture. He drove back broke to Yucaipa and was arrested by San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department on receiving stolen property and felon with a gun charges. The matter went to Redlands court. Fontana PD later filed grand theft auto charges in Redlands court, but the murder remained unsolved for about a decade. Bob took a sweet 7-year deal in prison and dodged a third-strike because of a clerical error by the DA’s office. I know because I complained up the chain, which led to the plea bargain (the original plea offer was one year in jail.)

    After UBTF paroled, he got in serious felonious trouble in Kern County and decided to reveal to the arresting officer that he had murdered a prostitute in San Bernardino County. The murder took precedent over Kern’s issues and Bob received a life sentence and an all expense paid retirement in the custody and care of the State of California.

    UBTF never expressed remorse for anything he did to others. He was a selfish, freeloading SOB who cared little for the law or the victims he hurt.

    So James, I agree with gman1971 that you are rather a boob for your stupid, uninformed slight of Bob Walsh.

    Just a thought.

  2. james says:

    Those prisoners and their damn freeloading! (You’re an idiot.)

    • gman1971 says:

      James, what I find funny is how your judging him for having a opinion about this subject, but instead of having a inteligent debate or saying something constructive on the matter, you feel the need to insult him. grow up and work on those communication skills.

  3. peace says:

    Yes, job security for us suckers that still have to work.