This Memorial Day: Wait on Government

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Note: Today’s Memorial Day post is a reprise of yesterday’s Spotlight item by Greg Doyle…

Since the government has no competition, we the people are at its mercy

Since the government has no competition, we the people are at its mercy

Bureaucracy is NOT Your Friend (and Neither is Your Government)

Spring 2014 is in full bloom once again. The trees and flowers are blossoming, the birds are chirping, and our government bureaucracy is in full blunder-mode. How many scandals can our federal government endure? A plethora it would appear. Under the not-so-watchful eye of the Obama Administration at least forty veterans are alleged to have died while waiting among 1,600 others in Arizona to obtain medical treatment guaranteed by our government for their military service.

A whistle-blower within the Veterans Administration revealed that a secret list was kept by the Veterans Affairs Administration in the State of Arizona, which prevented veterans from receiving timely medical attention. Meanwhile the Arizona administrator responsible received a cash bonus for falsifying records to show those vets were being treated in a responsible manner—unconscionable, unbelievable, and un-American.

According to the allegations, Arizona VA’s Sharon Helman had been previously accused of falsifying records of veteran suicides when she worked for the VA in the State of Washington. Rather than being held accountable in that matter, she was moved to another VA office in another State. Helman eventually ended up in the Arizona veterans’ health care system as a director. Here is a link to the latest scandal:

Keep in mind, our president has made health care in America his priority since taking office some six years ago. And as the government further entangles itself in the lives of citizens through Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act), ask yourself: What has the government been doing for veterans in regard to health care, that makes all Americans want to join in? The answer is…

Wait for it….

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Yes! That’s it! Wait for it! Stand in line, Friend. Wait on government. Wait for your government to investigate itself. Wait for answers. Wait for assistance. Wait for the economy to improve. Wait for the next law to be signed. Wait for the next budget cycle, election cycle, market cycle—our advice to you is just WAIT!

And in the process of waiting for our beloved government to follow-through, come clean, or deliver, the waiting line gets longer and longer. And now government delay—waiting—has resulted in the deaths of those citizens we hold in honor and high regard—our veterans who sacrificed so much and risked their lives to serve our country. Now we all must ask, “Who will be held accountable?”

Bureaucracy is not your friend (and neither is your government.) Who in their right mind likes to hang out at the Department of Motor Vehicles, or a federal courthouse? Ever stood in line at traffic court? How about the Social Security Office? State prisons and county jails are always first on the list of vacation preferences, right? And who ever took a date to spend time at the Post Office? Honestly, government has never been a friendly and inviting environment, and it never will be.

So why do we rely on government so much? Convenience perhaps? From the perspective of a police officer, I recall thousands of calls for service where one neighbor refused to talk to another about a barking dog, or a parked car, or some nuisance—much easier to have the police do it than handle it yourself. Heck, that is why I pay taxes, right? So let someone else (the government) do for me what I am capable of (in most instances) doing myself. So I call on local government (the police) to complain about my neighbor and I wait… and wait… and wait…

Is there a pattern forming here? Was not America founded upon the principles of self-reliance and limited government? Yet here we live in 2014 with a government too big to manage, spending more money than taxpayers can afford, and imposing itself upon us like never before in history. And with bigger government comes a greater and more lethargic bureaucracy, with an appetite for self-preservation and promotion. What was the cost to the taxpayers for the lives of those 40 deceased Arizona veterans? $9,345 in bonus money for Sharon Helman, which amounts to about $233.63 per veteran. How utterly shameful and wretched!

The next time you vote, remember the Arizona Veterans’ Affairs scandal. Not only did our government not live up to its promise to help veterans who served honorably in our military, it rewarded a bureaucrat for denying them medical treatment. This is worse than the imagery of a death panel (a government board under Obamacare who decides whether or not treatment will be paid for based on the patient, circumstances, and cost of treatment.) The alleged actions of Sharon Helman appear to be based upon self-interest and ambition. When a cash bonus takes precedent over the life of another human being, clearly there is a moral failure.

And that is what secularized government becomes over time: uncaring, unfeeling, and unresponsive. You have a problem? Get in line behind all of the other problems government promises to fix, but will not or cannot. Just wait in line until your number is called. Unfortunately, there are 40 dead veterans who trusted in their government and waited, not knowing they would NEVER hear: “Next!”

God bless all the men and women who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces of our country. Your sacrifices and honorable service cannot be adequately compensated with just a “thank you”, a pension, or a government benefit. America owes its freedom and safety to all who served with honor. My prayer is that our government will follow through in its commitments to all of our veterans.

Then I remember that bureaucracy is not your friend (and neither is your government.) So I pray all the harder for the miraculous. I don’t have to wait in line with God. And though I may have to wait where certain requests are concerned, God is faithful to carry out His promises. And I thank God that all of our currency reminds us, “In God We Trust” instead of “In Bureaucracy We Boast.”

I pray for justice for those veterans who died as a result of Sharon Helman’s alleged greed. I would not want a bonus for denying honorable veterans their health care. May God have mercy on her soul. I can only imagine how well Obamacare will run when fully operational based upon the VA scandal. Wait on it….

God help us all.


(copyright 2014, Gregory Allen Doyle)

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8 Comments to “This Memorial Day: Wait on Government”

  1. 45CALBR says:

    Well written. Well said. As a 23 year veteran of the USCG serving during the administrations of Carter, Reagan, Bush the Elder, Clinton, and Bush the Younger, I was lucky in that I was never seriously injured and never had the displeasure of dealing with the VA. However, I think that as the ACA continues to be implemented and entrenched, we will all have the displeasure of having to wait in line for health care.

  2. kl2008a says:

    How many of you have seen that movie “Born on the 4th of July”? In that movie there is a scene where the character (Tom Cruise) is in a VA hospital that is filthy, filled with rats as well and lazy orderlies who didn’t give a shit about taking care of their veteran patients and were more concerned with taking care of themselves. Doctors who only went through the motions on their rounds of the wards (when they did make them) and the overall conditions for those vets who were patients there it could best be summarized as to Hell on Earth. Well folks, it wasn’t ramped up dramatics for the movie – it really happened. I know as in the early 70’s I was at a VA hospital in Newark NJ and saw the same conditions first hand. There have been a lot of improvements made since then (I frequently see a couple friends who are in the VA hospital in Loma Linda) but the wait is getting longer and longer. A good example of waiting would be to look how long it took for the Govt and the VA to acknowledge the damage done to our servicemen and women who were exposed to Agent Orange. It was almost 25 years after we left ‘Nam before they came out and decided that “Yes, the stuff did cause problems.” Until then they just denied any and all claims made about its exposure effects. Do you know why it took so long? Probably to cut down on their financial loss as many of those who had been exposed had already died from it and the last remaining survivors were quickly dwindling.

    Now, the Govt wants to limit the amount of time that a vet can get treatment from the VA for their illnesses or injuries to 5 years from the date of discharge. There was also a recent article that came out about the terrorists being held at Guantanamo saying that they get seen by a doctor for their medical complaints within hours of voicing their complaint! So here we have a Govt that treats its terrorist better than they treat those who fight for our country’s freedom. Something is definitely wrong with this picture. If our Country cannot take care of its Vets it should stop sending them to war to enforce its “foreign policies”.

    • Gadfly says:

      I agree. Send all the politicians into combat and see how well Vets would be taken care of….

      • kl2008a says:

        It’s a crying shame that our vets can’t get a Federal Court Receiver, like the CA inmates have, to look out for their best interest and force things to be done.

  3. Howie Katz says:

    Greg, it is hard to believe what has happened to the VA medical care. I’ve been a patient in the VA hospital in Brooklyn and the one in Dallas. The time in Dallas was in 1954. Both times I was admitted rather quickly and both times I received excellent medical care. Neither case would be considered an emergency.

    My understanding is that as the number of veterans have increased over the years, Congressional appropriations have not kept up with the increased needs of the VA.

    As you know, I do not have much use for Obama. I think he has been one of the worst presidents ever. However, I do not think it is fair to blame him for the VA mess because it has been going on since well before Obummer got elected.

    • Gadfly says:


      I agree that Obama is not to blame for the VA medical mess. I can only extrapolate, based on the government’s bungling of VA medical benefits (which have been available for decades and have declined in the last decade), that Obamacare will NOT be worth the wait for the majority of those it is supposed to help.

  4. Bob Walsh says:

    Too true Greg, too true.