Theater behind bars helps prisoners know themselves better(CRC)

Sep 19th, 2010 | By | Category: KNOW-it-all's LEDGE, Rehabilitation

By Chris Lee, Los Angeles Times — Inside a dingy community room at the California Rehabilitation Center, the prisoners were segregated into two distinct populations.

Members from one group awaited their cue behind a “curtain” — an old bed sheet strung from the ceiling. The other group sat in folding chairs waiting to take the “stage.” All wore garish greasepaint to variously resemble mimes or clowns, Kabuki performers or horror movie antiheroes. And all had been kitted out with funny hats, prop glasses and fake mustaches to whimsical effect.

But their makeup served another purpose too: concealing an array of menacing facial and neck tattoos.

Tim Robbins leaned forward over a bongo drum, stroked his chin thoughtfully and began to address the burly crew behind the curtain.[continue reading on LA Times…]
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4 Comments to “Theater behind bars helps prisoners know themselves better(CRC)”

  1. Bob Walsh says:

    How about mime? All whole bunch of silent inmates, wouldn’t that be something to write about?

  2. bulldogger says:

    Why are these type of people all the same are they missing something in little creative world that they can’t see who these inmate really are. CRC is filled with drugs and cell phones and admin does little about it, I guess they feel if they have their dope and phones and now dirtbag theater they won’t riot. Hug a thug lives at CRC.

  3. kl2008a says:

    One last thought. After looking at the pix with the story I could not stop but think about how they were learning how to apply thier disguises for their next job when they parole. I can see the headline’s now “Al Jolson Lookalike Robs Mom & Pop Liquor”. The victims said the robber even sang “My Mammy” after before shooting up the place. What they have to worry about is the Kabuki who comes in with a samuri sword and orders some saki to go with his tats.

  4. kl2008a says:

    Was it just me or did others walk away after reading the article seeing it as just another request for the State to spend more money on THEIR program?