The Stand?

Apr 17th, 2013 | By | Category: Courts, Criminal Justice Reform, Krupp Files, Realignment, Spotlight

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5 Comments to “The Stand?”

  1. 1962 says:

    Then let the Feds pay their salaries.

  2. retirred says:

    Also I would like to include that nobody to include the courts has defined Constitutional Medical care. They came close by using the “Community Standard”.
    The Federal Gov has a standard, it is called Medicare. If Medicare doesn’t pay for it then it is constitutional. Does Medicare pay for a sex change, no. Then CDCR should not be required to pay for it either. This should be for all aspects of inmate Health Care. If Medicare wouldn’t pay for Mental Health care of the people living under a bridge then why should the taxpayers fork out huge amounts of money for inmates?

    Courts say inmates don’t have a choice of health care in Prison. I say they made that choice when they committed their crime and should accept the health care in a Prison. And amend the Constitution to indicate that.

    • Bob Walsh says:

      It’s like pornography. You know what it is when it gives you a hard-on, especially if you are a federal judge.

  3. retirred says:

    The fight Gov Brown has initiated is not with the Receivers Office. Actually Clark Kelso has agreed to give some of the Medical Oversight back to the State and eventually the CDCR will exit the lawsuit if they comply with the agreed plan with the courts. No, the fight is with the Mental Health Lawsuit (Coleman) which is under the umbrella of the Receivers Officer however it still belongs to the State under a Special Master- the Law firm of Pannone Lopes Devereaux & West LLC where as Mathew Lopes is the Special Master and Mohamedu F. Jones who is a Partner is the Deputy Special master. The Gov does not spell it out who his fight is with but it is this law firm. I worked as a Capt with DCHCS and I was in the mix of this issue a few years ago.

    The Gov is right. This and other Lawfirms do not want to let go of this cash cow to include Clark, ADA and Valdivia. CDCR was able to exit the Madrid case and Perez which dealt with Dental care.

    However Coleman has a point. CDCR is not in compliance with its own Mental Health Program Guide and will probably lose if this goes to the Supreme Court. The State Mental health staff also do not want to see the Special Master go because they have received big increases in salaries and staffing thru Judge Karlton’s orders by the courts. Hell what better union to have than a Federal Judge !!!!!!

    If I was Gov brown I would order all Associate Directors, Wardens, Associate Wardens of Health Care, Institutional Chiefs of Mental Health, Chief Psychiatrist and Psychologists to get their Institutions in compliance in six months or you’re fired. Period. Then he can take his battle to the Supreme Court.

  4. Bob Walsh says:

    Jerry’s BS would be more meaningful if he actually had the ability to fire indifferent health care employees on the spot. They don’t work for him, they work for the federal court. Jerry PAYS them, and they are technically state civil servants, but all hiring, firing, pay and retention decisions are made by the feds, not by Jerry.

    Perhaps if the state (Jerry and his predecessors) had shown some spine years ago, along with some brains, this situation would not have developed in the first place.