Krupp Files: The man with a plan

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The Governor Has A Plan in the Palm of his Hand

Brown Tries to get Golden

Richard Krupp, Ph.D.

I was a bit amused today when I read the article from the Los Angeles Times posted on Sounds like Governor Brown has agreed to attach the rehabilitation plan penned by Senator MCD Steinberg to his own relocation plan designed to get the Federal courts to back off on the realignment prisoner dumping. The nonsensical rehabilitation plan would spend money on drug and mental health counseling for violent prison inmates. Evidently no one read the reports from UCLA and others who looked at previous CDC attempts at drug treatment. Inmates who participated in prison drug treatment programs had HIGHER rates of recidivism than those who did not.

The Steinberg plan will INCREASE the prison population. The drug treatment contractors not only increased the return to prison rates for us, but they also redirected drug treatment money to pay for “treatment carpets,” musical instruments and portable stages, movie studios, porno videos for the inmates, etc. Some of the treatment providers also brought drugs into the prisons, had sex with inmates, etc. The community based after care providers had a more interesting track record. One contractor trained parolees to become cage fighters.

Hopefully the courts will reject the rehabilitation plan. Maybe those involved in the decisions surrounding this plan will feed their heads with common sense. It is more likely decisions will be based on some other foolishness. The Governor may need a catchy tune to get him through this latest obstacle. Here are selected lyrics from the song Get Me Golden by the band Terraplane Sun , followed by the music video.

I always took my cues from the real stars

But now I’m sittin here when I saw the sign
And realized that it’s time to get where I’m goin’
I hope you don’t mind that I’m takin time to get mine
And you know I ain’t scared to show it

Well I gotta plan in the palm of my hand
To get me rollin
I gotta plan in the palm of my hand
To Get Me Golden
Well I know you may not really care
But I’m just trying to get by
We’ll slip right on through the back
When the city sleeps in yeah
We’ll slip right on through the cracks

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7 Comments to “Krupp Files: The man with a plan”

  1. Gadfly says:

    Dr. Krupp,

    Perhaps you can enlighten the rest of us. When was the last time a progressive program offered by the left (regarding prisoner rehabilitation in California) actually worked as intended?

    • pacovilla says:

      I can’t speak for Dr. Krupp but, from my perspective, they are all successful because the intended purpose is ALWAYS to have a program in place irrespective of purported efficacy. I once heard the Department’s approach described thus:

      Corrections throws hundreds of basketballs in the air–If one goes through the hoop, that’s OK too.
    • Richard Krupp says:

      In the 1800s in New York the Society for the Prevention of Pauperism had the view that poverty stemmed from “ignorance, idleness, intemperance,extravagance, imprudent marriages, and deficient childbearing practices” and that handouts and public aid would only contribute to the problem. They successfully lobbied the city and state governments to REDUCE aid to the poor. This effort was remarkably successful.

      Regarding drug treatment I know of two sure fire cures; old age and death. Incarceration however, is a good interim solution.

      • Bob Walsh says:

        That is terribly judgmental of you Doc. Just because a program WORKS doesn’t mean it should be implemented it it inconveniences people or makes them feel bad. Self-esteem is just as important for degenerates and criminals as it is for others (isn’t it)?

  2. Bob Walsh says:

    The plan will, however, make Jerry and Darrell FEEL good about themselves. After all, that is what is truly important.