The Magical Mystery Medical Facility

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Jerry “Houdini” Brown– rise up to your ability

Magical Mystery Medical Facility

With the lights turned up, it’s hard to hide
Richard Krupp, PhD

The spectacular but tragically short career of magician and illusionist Harry Houdini whose tricks defied explanation and safety coupled with recent events lead me to believe Governor Jerry Brown is pulling out the tricks he has up his sleeve–Magical electronic parolee monitors, millions of taxpayer dollars for illusory inmate medical cures and maybe solar panels to reduce the carbon footprints of the global warming monster.  Do you feel safe?

Yesterday, Paco posted a spoof  article about CDCR employing high-tech 10 pound ball and chain GPS monitors to prevent paroled sex-offenders from killing.   Parody or not, it is no less ridiculous than spending millions of additional taxpayer dollars on the Stockton magical mystery medical facility hoping against hope to rid the inmates of their demons.   Similarly, we are to believe erecting wind turbines, solar panels and eliminating cow flatulence will certainly cool off the planet.

According to, Brown seeks $12.4M more for prison health facility

Gov. Jerry Brown is proposing a $12.4 million increase to the California Health Care Facility’s general fund in the revised budget he released Tuesday.

State officials opened the facility in June in response to federal court findings that prisoners were not receiving a constitutional level of health care, but months into operations, admissions of patient inmates were halted amid reports of unsanitary conditions and poor medical care.

Court-appointed medical receiver Clark Kelso suspended patient intake at the largest medical prison facility of its type at the end of January, saying there was a complete breakdown in the supply chain

Brown’s budget summary calls the setback “unanticipated operational issues” and says: “The additional resources are intended to remedy these issues and meet licensing standards.”

The added funds would be used to hire custody staff; for plant operations and food services; and to ensure the facility meets licensing standards.

Nearly 20 percent of the department’s total funding for the coming fiscal year – about $2.6 billion – is dedicated to providing the required medical, mental health and dental care to inmates,

According to Newswise —

Roughly 1 of every 6 Americans age 18 to 64 reported using more than 10 percent of their total family income to pay for health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket medical expenses in 2007, according to the latest News and Numbers from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. 

If only 1 in 6 Americans spend as much as 10 percent on medical care, why does CDC spend more than 20 percent of their budget?


On Thursday, Governor Jerry Brown asserted that it is settled that climate change is a factor in the wildfires now devastating parts of San Diego County. Brown’s comments come at the same time that the Escondido Police Department reported that two suspects, an adult and a juvenile, have been arrested in connection with intentionally starting the fire.

I wonder if global warming causes other criminal activities.  Maybe global cooling will eliminate crime?

I think if you cut through all the fiction, magic and illusion, you will find the farcical 10 pound ball-and-chain GPS will not be as effective at stopping crime as a prison cell.  More money pumped into the magical mystery medical facility that is never quite good enough and will not cure anything.  And the cows will not stop polluting the atmosphere.  Smoke and mirrors will not work Jerry.

Here are selected lyrics followed by the music video for the song, Houdini by the band Foster the People

Oh, what you want, what you need
What’d you come here for?
Well, an eye for an eye and an ‘f’ for fight
Taking me down as the prisoners riot

Got shackles on, my words are tied
Fear can make you compromise
With the lights turned up, it’s hard to hide
Sometimes I want to disappear
Well you got what you want, what you never knew
Perfect gift from me to you

(Raise up to your ability)
Yeah I’m scared that I’ll disappear
Running around before it corners you

(Raise up to your ability)
I know that you want it
It’s more simple to see
Focus on your ability

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15 Comments to “The Magical Mystery Medical Facility”

  1. Gadfly says:

    Very well said, Dr. Krupp, as usual.

    Jerry’s magic, unfortunately, is not simply a cheap political parlor trick—it is a costly one. It has cost more than a few Californians their lives with AB109, it has cost thousands upon thousands of dollars in property loss due to released criminals, and millions more in tax dollars ebbed away through a sea of bureaucratic waste and inefficiency from our own State government. Californians are on a bullet train to nowhere faster than the tracks can be laid.

  2. Bob Walsh says:

    It doesn’t really matter how much it costs, because it is OPM (other people’s money). I am kind of careful with MY money but I will be happy to piss YOUR money away to make myself and my friends feel better and to support whatever the cause of the day is. Its easy being a liberal, you don’t have to actually accomplish anything. You just spend money and CARE about things..

  3. browneyes356 says:

    This sickens me to no end. The murderer that killed my brother is one of the named complainants in Plata. How are we not taking a stand? Why aren’t Californians pissed off about this? Insanity, just plain insanity.

    • Richard Krupp says:

      I am also befuddled. I don’t know why few people care. Maybe if a member of the California legislature were victimized? But then again some of them are criminals themselves

  4. kl2008a says:

    I keep waiting and waiting and waiting but still no one has been able to define what constitutes “a constitutional level of health care”. The judges haven’t defined it and neither has Kelso. The old receiver Robert Sillen is quoted saying he couldn’t tell you what it was but would know it when he saw it! How can you hit a target when no one can tell you what the target really is? So, here we are, a decade or so later still shooting into the dark for some illusionary target, while in reality all we’re doing is pissing into the wind!

    • Richard Krupp says:

      There is no definition of a constitutional level of care because there is no such thing. It’s all BS. I would like to see a ballot measure somewhere that defines health care level of care. It should be very low for incarcerate felons. Very very low. Very very very low

      • kl2008a says:

        One of the things that the PLO puts out is the amount of suicides in CDC (for inmates of course) claiming that they are preventable. However, when you look at the stats of CDC inmate suicides they are much less per capita than those suicides of those not incarcerated. As for health care, our vets, and senior citizens get shit in comparison to what these convicted felons get. While you and I have to pay for our meds (even the generics), CDC is ordered by the courts to provide non-generic medications (that is sometimes 10-100% higher than their generic counterpart). As for this new high cost monstrosity with all their high paid medical staffers at this thing they call a medical facility one can only presume that all medical procedures (including minor to major surgeries) will be done in-house to save the taxpayer’s money. No more ambulance runs to the local hospital to set broken bones, stitch up stab wounds, do appendectomies, etc. No more elective surgeries.

        If the court wants to find a definition of medical care they should use the guidelines and cost outlines as set forth for Medicare for our seniors.

        • OOMPA says:

          Um , NOOOOOOOO. Dont presume anything…it only makes an ass out of them. 35 surgeons are at chcf non hospital yet we average ten transports every other day for bandages and boo boos and every other trip to west stockton. This place couldnt abort a calf or piglets!!!!!, even if they wanted to .cdcr would never allow the fine medical staff we have to ever open an inmate,,,, that would scare the crap out of some of these so called quacks,, and then there is the crack psych docs who are on better meds then some of the inmates. Zombies unite and get the truth out to your local legislator/ criminal gun runner,dope smoker. Lets get on this and share it with all who care,,, do you care? You better,you better ,you bet! Thanks Pete Townsend. Cue the video carson daly!!!!!!L

  5. LA Sleuth says:

    Great post and super good video.

  6. OOMPA says:

    The receiver is not in the loop of lies, he clueless or part of the problem? CHCF is not a hospital ,yet it plays one for the taxpayers and has lots of expensive worthless surgeons on the payroll.. In the LA Times piece it states that Miss Hayhoe and the receiver say that new admits for the mental health side will return in june, well the prison gets 2 to 10 admits every other day , so who is lying or clueless,? The warden or CEO for medical either know all about it or are being fed from the hot and cold trays from the kitchen a line of fishy smelling BS.
    Maybe Dr. Krupp can help us uncover what needs to be fixed here. Lets here it from the masses of staff here at the states failed project on healthcare. Another transport to san joaquin general is all you need to know about the level of care the taxpayers are shillin out.

    • Richard Krupp says:

      It is difficult to get much inside information when you are not part of the system. Then again it is difficult to do anything with the information when you are working in the problem area. Outside audits would need some good backing to actually find anything

  7. pacovilla says:

    I am not generally a music video buff but THAT is really worth watching. A bit disturbing at first but damn good all around. Great post too!

    • Richard Krupp says:

      Thanks Paco

      I will be seeing that band in person tomorrow night in Vancouver