Texas Prison Inmate Doing His Time In A South Carolina Prison Will Do His Parole In California

May 31st, 2012 | By | Category: Katz Litterbox, Parole

According to Grits for Breakfast, a parole board panel recently voted to grant parole to Eroy Brown, a black inmate who killed two high-ranking white Texas prison officials and whose 30 yearlong saga was the subject of a book by Michael Berryhill.

Eroy Brown, a burglar and armed robber, was serving a 90-year prison sentence as a habitual criminal when, in 1981, while serving his time at the Ellis Unit of the Texas prison system, he drowned Ellis Unit Warden Wallace Pack and fatally shot Billy Moore, the unit’s farm manager.  Those murders led to three high-profile trials that exposed outrageous – as Grits puts it – brutality in the state’s prison system. Brown was acquitted separately in each murder on grounds of self-defense.

Brown has been serving time for his prior burglary and robbery offenses in South Carolina because of the risk of retaliation by Texas prison officials. Brown will move to a reentry facility run by the Catholic church in Los Angeles when he’s released, said one of his attorneys, Bill Habern.

Congratulations California, you’re getting a real winner!

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