Stockton racks up homicide #36 (Updated)

Jul 14th, 2012 | By | Category: Bob's Blotter

The crime-ridden, gang-infested and bankrupt cesspool that is Stockton racked up homicide #36 very very late Wednesday night as part of a running gun battle left one suspect dead, one shot, and the unshot one in custody.  Two suspects are still on the loose.

A tad before midnight on Wednesday cops responded to a call of shots fired with a person down.  They found an injured woman at the scene.  She is likely to survive.  While investigating that situation a call came in of shots fired at a stop-and-rob on Hammer just off of I-5.  Witnesses actually told the cops that a van with several men in it took off, and described the van and the direction of flight.  The cops spotted the van, which did not stop.

The van pulled off at Charter Way, then flipped around and got back on the freeway in the opposite direction. The van pulled off the freeway, and the occupants opened fire on the cops.  The cops shot back.  The van stopped.  One dead bad guy was in the van.  Another wounded bad guy was in the van.  A third bad guy was taken into custody.  Two firearms, a handgun and a rifle, were recovered.

Clicking here will link to a story in the Stockton RECORD about just another night in the hood.

UPDATE:  It turns out the dead guy, Joseph Brooks, 27, was a parolee-at-large.  The local DA is preparing to charge the three in-custody survivors, Darold Jarvis, 24, Kevin Ou, 24, and Darance Leav, 19, under the felony murder rule for the death of their road dog.  They are definitely being charged for attempted homicide, street terrorism, shooting into an inhabited dwelling and illegal possession of firearms.

Chanda Uy, 23, and Jeremy Gutierrez, 30, are also in custody for aiding the others in hiding after the shooting.



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2 Comments to “Stockton racks up homicide #36 (Updated)”

  1. CO to GO says:

    best part of this story is no innocent people were injured and 5 are going into the system. SPD needs more range time to accomplish the elimination of bad behavior when using a gun to shot at them. We all need to carry OPEN and fire at these thugs…kinda like a “hunting season of thugs” for all non felon citizens. Hmm this is an idea….sell season passes for 2 bucks!

  2. CO to GO says:

    simple adding of numbers….1 PAL down and 5 others who want to join the system of FREE housing and medical for rest of life! Throw away the key!