Stockton racks up homicide #32 (updated)

Jun 28th, 2012 | By | Category: Bob's Blotter, Gold Star Parolee

The timing was convenient for everybody (except the dead person).  The crime-ridden cesspool that is Stockton is crawling with news crews due to the fact that the City Council will almost certainly launch the largest municipal bankruptcy in the nation within the next hour or so, so there are plenty of news crews in town.

All I know for sure is there was a homicide near the intersection of 12th and Tiffany roughly one hour ago.  I will update this when more info becomes available.

UPDATE:  The dead guy wasn’t dead after all.  At some point somebody thought he maybe wasn’t totally dead and they lit him up a little bit and it worked.  Just goes to show you, medicine isn’t an exact science.

UPDATE:  This could unfortunately still turn out to be a homicide.  Clicking here will link to a Stockton Record story from 06-27 on this subject.

UPDATE:  This did in fact turn out to be a homicide.  Peter Lor, 29, did die in the hospital after the shooting.  Yor Xiong, 25, a documented gang member, is in custody under suspicion of murder in this case.  Xiong was on parole at the time of the shooting.  Other suspects are being sought.

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