Stockton racks up homicide #31 this morning. (Updated)

Jun 22nd, 2012 | By | Category: Bob's Blotter

The crime-ridden and gang-infested cesspool that is Stockton racked up homicide #31 early today on the north side with two men shot, one of who died.

I caught this on a very brief blurb on the noon news so there is pretty much zero additional information.  I will post an addendum when the info becomes available.

(Update) The Stockton PD made a quick arrest in this case, taking Bobby Suriyan, 19, into custody on suspicion of this murder about 11 hours after the crime was discovered.  The murder is thought to be gang involved.  The victim was Khamsuk Thammala.

Clicking here will link to a Stockton RECORD piece on this story.

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