State-paid health care for illegal aliens

Feb 15th, 2014 | By | Category: Budget, Politics-General

BudgetEgg[1],jpgRicardo Lara is a California state senator.  He is, at least in theory, the state senator from Bell Gardens.  In actual practice he is more often the state senator representing Mexico.  He has just proposed SB1005 which would, if passed into law, expand Medi-Cal to cover illegal aliens.   I don’t think it will cost him anything politically as his constituency (at least his official constituency) seems to have no trouble spending taxpayers money to make life more comfortable for illegal aliens at taxpayers expense.  I did, however, think you should know about it.

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One Comment to “State-paid health care for illegal aliens”

  1. kl2008a says:

    Maybe because Ricardo Lara is from Bell Gardens, which is next to the illegal alien sanctuary city of LA, gives reasoning to his actions. I take it that he is also a Democrat that is just looking for another way to shore up his reelection with the illegal alien vote. If his bill were to pass I would be willing to bet the farm that only a cackle of illegal aliens would sign up for it as they would need to register and get an ID card that shows them as an illegal alien. Like the illegal alien driver’s license issue, many that I have talked to expressed that they will NOT get one as they feel it’s setting them up for getting caught and then deported (I guess even THEY don’t believe the Prez when he says different). The same will go with this bill. They already can get medical care (for free) by walking into almost any ER in the State so why would they do anything different that makes them feel like they will get deported when it’s over? This is just like I said earlier – pandering to the illegal alien voter. What’s that you say? Illegal aliens are not allowed to vote? Oh yeah, I forgot. That’s the story line WE’RE told.