Standardized staffing package dangerous bad news for institutions

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It is my understanding that the new Standardized Staffing Package for institutions is about to be released.  This is (allegedly) a chiseled in stone program that the SecrAttorney, Matt Cate, is already claiming will save the state $1 billion in the current fiscal year in staffing costs, mostly custody.

There is, unfortunately, virtually no one in a position of real power in the puzzle palace on S Street (Headquarters for those of the uninitiated) who has any significant institution experience.  Those that have seen this say (so I have been told) that it cuts the staff level at the institutions to a critical level leaving the custody division unable to respond to significant emergencies unless they just happen to take place in the middle of shift change.

I have yet to see the package, so I am, I admit, engaging in speculation.  I don’t, however, believe it is idle or totally uninformed speculation.  In fact, I hope my information is incorrect.  I am, however, not betting on it.  HQ has few correctional professionals on staff.  Matt Cate is a lawyer, not a correctional professional.  He is comfortable with lawyers and has surrounded himself with lawyers.  They do not solicit input from institutions, do not accept input from institutions, and don’t seem to care much about the problems of institutions.  They both believe and expect that all they have to do is issue an edict and it will be fully, immediately and SUCCESSFULLY implemented.

I hope that not too many people get too badly hurt proving them wrong.

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26 Comments to “Standardized staffing package dangerous bad news for institutions”

  1. 2nd Career says:

    Update on CSP-SOL, It appears that they are bringing in an additional 30 Officers as 60 day transfers. These Officers will be given jobs before the PIE’S. So they make an agreement with the Officers to get them to take a PIE job, do not follow through with their agreement and are now going to eliminate their hours and starve them out. I’m speechless!

    • co says:

      Glad you guys received help, but there has been no mention on Paco of these “Temporary” transfers. Like how most all institutions signed off on them in June. My institution put the transfer form out 2 days early and the Memo out 1 1/2 days early. For officers to make a decision that could send them across the state in less than a week. Further more what does 60 days solve at any institution? Each short institution is going to be even shorter 60 days from now. Are they going to let the officers actually return home? All the paperwork says temp and that their home institution remains the same. It also says up to 60 days. So will CDCR honor that? Or are they going to somehow screw those temp transfered?

      • 2nd Career says:

        C/O The first 35 are permanent employee’s, the next 30 are 60 day transfer. I am hearing conflicting information on them now. Part of the problem is these things are happening without any communication. Also we are not an institution that is short from my understanding. The 30 will probably put the PIE’s who should have rolled to full time in soup lines.

        • co says:

          That is what baffles me. We gave up 16 bodies for the 60 days but were bringing in 24 PICO’s so the full time cops here got screwed. Far as institutions being over or under we now know those numbers can not be trusted at all. Just one month ago at the start of wave 2 COR 1 was 25 officers over according to the over under report. Yet now just 1 month later they are so short CDCR is sending them a 60 day detail.
          What are we missing here? There is no such thing as communication.

  2. 2nd Career says:

    CSP – SOL received an additional approximately 50 positions. For the moment this is good news. However Solano has transferred in 35 plus Officers from around the state all with time. They have done this without rolling all their OTAP and PICO’s into the open positions directly in violation to the memo that these Officers used to make their decision to bid these jobs. How can we trust CDCR when they do not follow through on their word? CDCR has held the position that county seniority is the layoff model. It appears they are undermining county seniority by creating positions to move Officers into other counties in advance of the next wave of cuts. The additional positions are welcome, though they are misappropriated. What I mean is why have one S & E on 1w, (your responder), and have an Officer sitting in key control. Where is the common sense in that? County jails are full, inmates are flooding the streets and crime is on the rise.

  3. CTFdude says:

    Here at CTF on our South yard we are down to one officer per dorm on all watches. My dorm has 120 inmates and some others have up to 135 or so. We also lost a few S&E’s off the yard. This started on the 23rd. It’s kinda strange not having your partner there. The S&E’s are overwelmed with all the extra duties and we all feel completley alone out there. We had a meeting with our LT and SGT and I asked “how are we supossed to do the security checks/locker searches when we are alone?”I mentioned that if somethign were to happen to us while we doing them someone is going to ask “WTF were you doing out there alone”. All I got was “It doesn’t say in your post orders that you can’t be out there alone so you should be ok. If I remember correctly they said they have 8 officers for an alarm if needed and that’s if they pull the medical officers. Our yard is no longer a Code 3 responce to our Central or North yard, or SVSP due to lack of staff.

    On our North yard (S&Y) they got rid of the sallyport officers and the inside gunners in all the housing units.

    • Bob Walsh says:

      Why should you need gunners? With the custody level downgrades all of your inmates are now good guys, aren’t they? Those experts from the university system said so.

      • CTFdude says:

        Those experts know best, I guess.

        Just recently we had an officer go home sick in one of our South yard dorms. The powers at be decided to shut down our South control room and redirect that officer to the dorm. Keep in mind that the control room officer is the one that gets on the PA system and tells everybody where a CODE is, not to mention calling 911 if needed.

        Those experts really know best!

    • co says:

      You know in the academy we worked your institution and a couple of the dorms we went to and worked only had one officer. It felt very unsafe to say the least. I mean how easy is it to occupy your attention while they go behind your back? The state, CCPOA, CDCR are willing to let officers get hurt to save $$ its sad

      • CTFdude says:

        On second watch they have always had one Cop per dorm. The reason for this was South yard was a working yard and almost all of the inmates were gone. Those days ended years ago and they have now extended the one Cop per dorm to 3rd and 1st watch as well. I know the State doesn’t care and the CCPOA would love one of us to get our asses kicked so they could use us as their poster child for how all this standardization is not working. The bummer is, at the very least you always had your partner to count on and now we are out there alone.

  4. Aces928 says:

    For what it’s worth, almost every upper administrator on the prison side of the Department has more recent experience of actually working in the prisons than all of the Executive body of CCPOA. And we all know how they completely ignore those they represent in the institutions. How long has it been since any member of the Executive body have worked an 8 hour shift in a prison, 12 to 15 years or more?

    Right now, Level 3 yards have to 2 floor cops again. There are additional S&E’s, Yard & Security Officers and they have staff for the gyms which remain empty. This allows for coverage for Emergency transports, sick calls and anything else which caused order-overs or simply not enough cops to do the job.

    The Union can call for a new bid to get cops with seniority back into jobs with RDO’s commensurate with their experience. I’ll bet they won’t. Not enough of the Institution reps were affected by RDO changes to bust a grape. Just saying.

  5. SoCalCO says:

    Bob, yesterday was the first day of the so called standardized staffing. I must sau this, we had two cops in every building, and I have never seen the yard with so many Officers on duty. It was actually a beautiful thing. More staff….safety in numbers. Just my two cents.

    • Bob Walsh says:

      I will be thrilled if I am wrong. Absolutely thrilled.

      • BigDaddy says:

        We started standerdized staffing on Monday. Allthough many officers were moved to other positions, and the bid is screwed up for now, we received a lot of positions back. We had been cut to the bare bones, so it is nice to get some of these positions back.

        The question is, when AB 109 fails, and inmates start to return to prison, will this be all the staff we get, or will the standard package be revised?

        • co says:

          Thats where the staffing package comes into play. If Ab109 fails and we get tons of inmates the package is supposed to cover from 120% to 190% of capacity. So it gives each institution plenty of room to wiggle.
          Far as im told and can tell at CSATF it actually added positions all 3 shifts.
          Just like every other institution there was tons of positions moved around and peoples RDOs are all messed as well as some crazy job changes. That is all minor really and I assume they will have it fixed shortly.
          The issue however is still AB109 it runs seperate from the staffing package. So while the package calls for so many officer the stupid realignment has our numbers much much lower than what the package actually calls for

  6. CO 2 go says:

    standarized staffing package ??? which dummy is on third base? No, whos on second? these changes equal bad results….we’ll see.

  7. kl2008a says:

    Is it only me or have others taken notice that for more than 20 years now CDC has failed to have anyone at the top of the ivory tower that has ever walked a tier, responded to a riot/inmate disturbance, or let alone been gassed by an inmate? That being the case, how can they pass judgement or make plans for the present or future employees without having walked in their “moccasins”? Their empathy is reflected in their apathy.

    • Bob Walsh says:

      If I recall Kiernan had significant institution experience. He is now history. We now have the second or third largest law enforcement organization in the country with a couple of layers of lawyers at the top, allegedly running things.

  8. Madcow says:

    We began the standarized staffing package today at HDSP. I am told it added approximately 30 jobs. Unfortunately a lot of people got their post or RDO’s changed because of this (even if it was a bid job) and we were notified 7 days prior to this happening. Needless to say morale is even lower because of it.

  9. Stillworkin says:

    Oh, I meant suicide prevention pamplets.

    • pacovilla says:

      I know both management and the union are worried about a spike in suicides and the prospect of another mess like the murder/suicide-by-cop in Riverside last year. The suicide pamphlet is the product of those concerns and I think it is to be commended. I see the irony of the timing but, let’s face it, there’s no good time to hand it out…just worse ones. After a suicide, for instance.

      • 2nd Career says:

        I would just like to say if the administration would shoot straight do what they have committed and keep real lines of communication, that would relieve allot of the stress. This would make a real impact instead of some paplet!

        • co says:

          Lol seems to me we were all taught from the begining that our jobs were all what 90-99% communication skills. “Do as I say not as I do” lmao I feel 9 again

  10. Stillworkin says:

    They were nice enough to hand out suicide pamplets to the officers last week, so you got to give them that.