Something stinky at OCS

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HoldingNoseThe Office of Correctional Safety (OCS) is something that most real people, including institution staff and parole people, have pretty much zero contact with.  The primary function of OCS is, according to the Dept. Operations Manual, liaison with outside law enforcement agencies to solve major crimes which have a connection to one or more convicted felons who are under CDCr jurisdiction.  As far as I know the vast majority of their senior staff have never investigated a street crime, never made an arrest or even worked in the field along with street cops.

The more interesting players in this drama are Larry Miranda, Tony Chaus and Martin Hoshino.  Hoshino is a left-over from OIG and Matt Cate.  He was acting Secretary for about a minute and a half between Cate and Beard and is now (if I recall correctly) an Undersecretary.  He is the guy who recently appointed a dentist to be the head of Administration within his division.

Larry Miranda was a retired annuitant working for Tony Chaus, who was the chief of OCS.   Tony Chaus retired at the end of May of this year.  With the approval of Martin Hoshino Larry Miranda was named acting Chief of OCS as a retired annuitant.  (Gee, I thought Jerry got rid of those.  Jerry SAID he got rid of those.)  Tony Chaus then submitted his retired annuitant package to Larry Miranda whose package was approved pretty much instantaneously by Martin Hoshino.   Tony Chaus is now working as a retired annuitant in a position that doesn’t really exist, with no job title and no job duties, just a nice pay check to supplement his retirement income.

Chaus is sort-of in an oversight position at the Criminal Intelligence and Analysis Unit (CIAU).  This unit has six (or maybe seven) analysts, who are supervised by a Lieutenant, who is supervised by a Special Agent or two who are supervised by a newly hired Associate Warden, who is now sort-of supervised by Chaus.

Chaus must be a very important guy.  He drives a state car back and forth every day to his retired annuitant gig.  He parks in a metered parking space and does not need to feed the meter as he has a state supplied red light casually sitting on the dash-board and a state issued ‘Law Enforcement State Business” placard prominently displayed.   This allows Claus to avoid paying for either the meter or for parking in a state lot.  (It must be nice to be special.)

I have been told by people in a position to know that Chaus had been an actual Parole Agent I in Fresno a long while back but was unsuccessful in that endeavor and went back to an institutional assignment.  He then went to OIA, presumably where he became good buddies with Hoshino at OIG.   It is nice that these old homies are taking care of each other I guess, but it seems to be tacky to me to be paying two retired annuitants who shouldn’t be working at all to do the same job when there are other people still on the payroll who could do it.  It is especially disturbing when divisions are being told to watch the money due to a significant budget overrun but high-ranking people within the department are still pulling crap like this.  The insult of the stunt with the placard and the red light are just icing on the cake, or maybe icing on the turd, depending on how you look at it.

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30 Comments to “Something stinky at OCS”

  1. BGH13 says:

    Lamont Cranston, if you would read my entire posts, I never attempted to direct readers away from the statements made about the suits. I stated that it sounds like everyday business in CDCR & then asked “how do we rid this?” Do you have any realistic ideas to rid this practice? Take the time & read them all before making your comments. I’m not on this to attack anyone but this is your second post directing comments towards me trying to make me look like an idiot. And the competence of OCS staff was never an issue. It was the statements that were made about senior staff not doing anything. Once again, please read what is being posted.
    I agree with what Danny Boy has been posting & his comments about OCS FAT arresting that PAL out of the bay was news to me because CDCR doesn’t allow them to make a statement. Those are my points that I made as well.
    Howie, I apologize for dropping all the acronyms without writing them all out.

  2. Lamont Cranston says:

    It appears BGH13 is trying to direct readers away from the issue at hand. The original post says nothing about the competence of OCS staff at the street level; what it points to is two very scandalous, narcissistic and greedy individuals at the reign of OCS who need to have their reins cut off!

  3. BGH13 says:

    Bob, I never assumed or implied that your informant works for OCS or at HQ. Your informant seems to have a lot of personal information about the three suits downtown, however, when referring to senior staff in OCS not being involved with arresting people, investigating people or working with outside LE, your informant is very vague. Your informant is basically speaking about OCS as a whole. I appreciate the info you put out Bob & I generally keep my postings to a minimal, but when I am seeing something different then what is being put out there, just be as specific as you were with the suits.

  4. pacovilla says:

    All participants are encouraged to restrict comments to the topic, not the perceived motivations, career paths or inner thoughts of other participants. Thank you.

  5. BGH13 says:

    BGH13’s stubby fingers accidentally put BFH13…

  6. BFH13 says:

    Bob, I guess I should be a bit more specific in what I disagree about. For your CI to say the vast majority of their senior staff have never investigated a street crime, never made an arrest or even worked in the field along with street cops. Can you or they be more specific? Are you referring to SSU, EOU, FAT, CIAU, JGO or EPMU staff? As far as I am aware, each specialized unit does something a bit different for CDCR. I do know that most OCS staff are assigned to a task force lead by the FBI, USM or DOJ. Each of those task forces work at the street level and are working side by side with local LE. KCRA has done a number of short clips on the USM task force which arrested about 30 plus homicide suspects in Stockton alone in 2012, per KCRA. I would assume that they would have to do some sort of investigations in order to find these suspects. They would have to work with the locals to assist in these arrests. CDCR employees are not allowed to make comments to the media unless prior approval has been given or if that is their assigned duty. With that being said, your not going to hear about what OCS staff are doing on the street, yes? I think everyone would agree that CDCR has “trucks” at all levels.
    In regards to Miranda, Chaus & Hoshino, that just sounds like everyday business in CDCR. How do we rid this good ‘ol boy system?
    In regards to the irrelevant & uninformed comments made by Lamont Cranston & MR#3, no, I do not, have not & will not ever work for OIA or OIG. What makes me mad is that I do see different OCS teams working with LE & making a difference without getting the positive credit WE deserve as CDCR employees. How often does CDCR get positive publicity compared to negative publicity?
    Bob, what I can tell you is that I am a TLO for OCS CIAU & the information that is gathered by prison staff, parole staff & OCS staff is phenomenal! All this information is shared with outside LE because it is our CDCR inmates/paroles that are hitting the streets and committing new crimes at an unbelievable pace, thanks to AB109. At the time of this writing, I have not seen anything in regards to Chause being an RA in CIAU. That could change Monday morning…
    In regards to your CI speaking up of the improper use of a state vehicle, why did they wait until he retired to bust him out? Why would he/she knowingly allow Chause to do these things? To me, your CI is just as guilty because he/she allowed this to continue.

    • Bob Walsh says:

      You are assuming that my informant works for OCS or at headquarters in general. I never said that, nor even implied it. Merely that my informant is in a position to know the information provided.

    • Howie Katz says:

      What the hell are SSU, EOU, FAT, CIAU, JGO, EPMU, etc., etc.? When are you guys going to learn that there are a lot of PACOVILLA readers that do not have the slightest idea of what the hell you are talking about?

      • Danny Boy says:

        I have been holding my tongue, but Howie, you’re just too much! You mean to tell me you have no idea what those guys do? You don’t work for CDCr, do you? Dang, I hope not!
        As far as retired annuitants, it is nepotism at its finest. Not only do they bring back anyone who is/was in their car and ignore those that may actually wanna work, but hey stagnate any upward mobility for those of us that have not retired and may, oh, I don’t know…wanna promote! I have never worked for OIA and never intend to…but OCS does a lot of good…that star parolee with 24 felonies in Oakland that was mentioned here was actually arrested by OCS FAT agents. So Howie, if you do or have ever worked for this department, do a little homework man…and if you were merely advocating for others…my bad!

        • Howie Katz says:

          Danny Boy, I was advocating for others, the readers who have never worked for CDCR. As for me, I left California in 1969. When I was a parole agent, it was CDC. There have been many changes since then. New units, new abbreviations. That’s why they’re just as Greek to me as to someone who works for corrections in another state, or for those who do not work in corrections, as I am sure is the case with some PACOVILLA readers. From what you wrote, you must think I’m a dumbass.

      • Bob Walsh says:

        SSU is, I believe, Special Services Unit, commonly known as the Secret Squirrel Squad. FAT is Fugitive Apprehension Team, they look for escapees and Parolees-At-Large, or at least they did until DAPO purged virtually all PALs from the books to make it look like realignment is actually working. I have no idea what the rest of that alphabet soup is.

      • pacovilla says:

        Howie, I added the glossary a few months ago and added as many terms as I could think of. Unfortunately, all but 2 of the acronyms listed are NEW to me too. I had hoped some of our readers would have sent glossary items to me for inclusion but, so far, no takers. I don’t think anyone thinks you are a dumbass–It seems some just expect you to know EVERYTHING. AND, as we all know, only fish (rookies) know everything. :)

        • Howie Katz says:

          Paco, I know you added the glossary, but your readers shouldn’t have to look up a bunch of abbreviations. I don’t think it takes a lot more time or space for your contributors to spell out what they’ve been abbreviating.

          • pacovilla says:

            Agreed, but wasn’t it one of our readers who posted all those acronyms? I am open to suggestions on how to get people to post comments within certain guidelines.

            • Howie Katz says:

              Paco, when your readers submit comments they are ‘contributors.’ As for how to keep them from using abbreviations, sorry, but I don’t have the answer for that.

              • pacovilla says:

                Point taken, Howie. Then again, applying the same reasoning, everyone who litters is a contributor. Which is to say, I don’t see all that is “contributed” in the comment threads as contributing anything. But, as I said, point Katz. 😉

        • Danny Boy says:

          Now, now…lets not get into the typical sniping back and forth…aren’t we all one happy family? I’m in total agreement about the joke that is retired annuitants and folks that don’t need cars taking them away from those of us who do…but I never said Howie was a dumb ass and I ain’t no fish. So, please refrain from ganging up and stick to the subject…DAPO, like OCS plays their old boy, retarded irritant game…region HQ is full of do-nothing prima donas that clog up the upward mobility of those who still have to work. Getting tired of it…they justify it by saying these positions need experience and sage advice from the people they clog it with…B.S.! My biggest beef with it is that some of the people laid off or “re-assigned” could have avoided that nightmare if those positions had been filled by non-retirees, thereby opening up positions to be filled…

  7. pacovilla says:

    For the Record, Bob, I am certain you killed the guy’s parking scam. If the Psychretary doesn’t put a stop to it, Sac Parking Enforcement will. Forwarded copy of your post there. Since what you describe is an abuse of the “courtesy” given actual cops on actual LEA biz, I KNOW they will flag him.

  8. MR#3 says:

    Well just great no state cars all HQ staff had to turn them in thanks Bob.

  9. Lamont Cranston says:

    BGH13 sure didn’t dispute any of the facts that were noted in your article Bob… looks like he is busted. Lets see if our new Director does anything to one of his “suits.” BGH13 must just think he is untouchable… must be from his stint or “stunt” at OIA. Great job on the article and your facts ARE right on!

  10. Oomph says:

    Bob and his homies are all knowing,,,keep upmthe good word and keep uncovering the lies and misinformation from suits at sactown!!!!!

  11. MR#3 says:

    Bob you are spot on great article sounds like BGH13 is pissed at you for being right. I know BGH13 has no clue what a CI is other than reading someones report.

    • pacovilla says:

      I didn’t infer BGH13 was being derisive toward Bob. He simply expressed some doubt about the facts as presented. It was another commentator who took the shots. In any case, it was an interesting and detailed post. AND, insofar as Bob categorized the post under “Hard News” vs. “Rumor Mill” it is clear he is confident the CI’s dope is good. Good post, extra “L’s” and all.

  12. BGH13 says:

    Bob, you have usually been accurate with some of the stories you have published. I would say that most of your “CI’s” are pretty reliable. I cannot say that about this story. What this sounds like to me is that somebody thinks they have something coming and didn’t get it. In regards to having a person who is on the payroll running OCS, who would you suggest, since it sounds like you may have someone in mind already.

    • Bob Walsh says:

      Actually I know virtually nothing about OCS other than what appears in the story. I have no knowledge about OCS staffing, except what appears in the story. That doesn’t mean my source does not, but due to other circumstances which I am not free to go into I sort of doubt it.

    • Lancelot says:

      “Bob, you have usually been accurate with some of the stories you have published.” I agree. He is accurate sometimes which is a little better than being accurate on occasion. All things considered that’s pretty good for a guy who puts 1 too many L’s in “something.”