So far, so bad

Apr 13th, 2014 | By | Category: Courts, Medical (Inmate Healthcare)

Bedlam1815If the article linked here by Paige St. John from today’s LA TIMES is to be believed things are still pretty much FUBAR at CHCF.  She calls the status quo,  “waste, mismanagement and miscommunication.”

The article quotes our old buddy J. Clark Kelso as blaming the staff.  “Because these really basic systems weren’t working, everybody kind of went into an island survival pattern.”  He further described the situation as adjusting to dysfunction rather than fixing it.

It seems that back in December Kelso brought in Jackie Clark, a Rn with an MBA who did the start-up of the new San Quentin medical clinic two years ago.  (I confess this is the first I have heard of her.)

At least we found out where the tens of thousands of new towels disappeared to.  Towels that were contaminated rather than just dirty went into biohazard bags, but instead of being sanitized and reissued they were tossed out.  Rackley blamed the medical staff for tossing the towels.  Clark never heard of that until she caught an off-hand remark from a reporter on that subject.  (I am reminded of a quote by my favorite correctional professional Struther Martin, the famous “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”)

In addition the kitchen flunked its health inspection.  (First I heard of that too.)  This meant they had to have food brought in, at about $10 per meal.  Also the dish sterilizer melted the tray covers.   Minor glitch there.

Furthermore the state grossly underestimated staffing requirements, causing the need to use inmate patients as assistants to other inmate patients.

The article asserts the hospital came perilously close to losing its accreditation in December.  That is the first I heard of that as well.  This was due strictly to staffing levels.

This article also seems to say that Kelso has not given the authorization to resume admission at CHCF, even though they are in fact admitting new patients.  The article also says plainly that authorization for the DeWitt annex to open has not been granted.

One thing Kelso is clearly right about.  You would think that, after nine months, the basic kinks would have been worked out.

Thanks to a regular reader for the link on this one.

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3 Comments to “So far, so bad”

  1. Bob Walsh says:

    It is my understanding the DeWitt intake is workers and not patients. It would not break my heart to have that confirmed one way or the other..

    • Tru dat says:

      They are all workers from the worker dorm, their vacancies were filled in with new admissions from SQ. so admissions have the total population around 1387. And we still send em out to san joaquin hospital for bandaids!

  2. Like a surgeon says:

    Maybe Dr. Krupp can figure out why DR. Kelso has no clue that the dewitt nelson annex is already open and the prison population numbers are growing. Uncover the lies and save the world. And where is Dr. beard and jerry in all this? Get rid of those who have tried and failed to fix this mess. I say the officers know how to fix it believe that or not. Lets see what CCPOA has to say about this , or will it be back to fubar land on the spud express.?
    Lets hear your two cents mr warden and your awesome staff who cries at nite. Can you say lozano is not helping you shine your lil lite on east stockton.?