Shooting at Sikh temple leaves seven dead, one cop wounded (updated)

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A shooting today at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, WI. left seven dead, including the gunman, and three wounded, including one cop.  The wounded are likely to survive.

The calls starting coming in to 911 at 1025 local time.  A responding officer, who stopped to render aid, was ambushed by the shooter and seriously wounded.  (That is part of the reason that current thinking with an active shooter is to seek out and engage the bad guy, not stop and render aid.)  A second cop killed the shooter.

The gunman has not yet been identified, though news reports say he had a 9-11 tattoo.  Sikhs wear turbans and beards, but their religious faith has no relationship to Islam.

This is being treated as a case of domestic terrorism (as opposed to Major Hassan’s shooting spree in Texas, which the government is considering to be several dozen separate acts of murder and attempted murder bearing no relationship to terrorism whatsoever).

Clicking here will link to a Yahoo News story on this subject.

Update:  The shooter has been identified as Wade Michal Page, 40.  He had been in the Army and was discharged in 1998 after having been reduced in rank from Sgt. to Specialist.  The details of his discharge were not made public.  He was from Milwaukee and had been a tech for the Hawk missile system.  He later switched to psychological operations.

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5 Comments to “Shooting at Sikh temple leaves seven dead, one cop wounded (updated)”

  1. Bob Walsh says:

    The news has been reporting that the Sikh community has been bringing flowers and food by the police department by way of a thank-you for the cops prompt and effective assistance. That is classy.

  2. 2nd. Career says:

    The media will be all over the gun control aspect. What enrages me is you are completely right about the Major Hassan’s shooting spree in Texas. He was a clear threat covered up by “

    • 2nd. Career says:

      Sorry posted the first part prematurely! The continued rant.

      “OUR MILITARY” Political correctness crowd afraid to actually point out these terrorists are MUSLIM, are responsible for the carnage…… A white nut job shoots up a temple and he’s automatically a terrorist! Something is really backwards. I have an acquaintance in the business of let’s say homeland security. He flat said that when dealing with potential threats they have to be equal opportunity and make sure to cover the home grown white guys more than the real threats……. Crazy!

  3. Howie Katz says:

    More fodder for the gun control crowd.