Searchable text version of DRAFT CCPOA MOU

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With a tip of the sombrero to both Bob Walsh and  oakman357 blog where a scanned pdf image was posted, following is a searchable pdf file posted at  You may download a copy of your own by right clicking this or the preceding link and selecting “Save-Link-As” from the pop-up menu.  This is advisable as it may take a while for it to fully load and refresh within your browser: it is 366 pages long.

As Bob noted when linking to the original scan:

“This link will take you to the copy of the text that was voted on at the BOD meeting.  Please note it has typos in it and some of the pages are out of order.  Some of the strikeout text and underline text is not properly struck-out or underlined.  I am (reluctantly) posting it here because it will be available elsewhere anyway and I would rather make it available with these caveats prominently posted than otherwise.”

Parenthetically, I share Bob’s concerns. However, it is worth noting this is the actual document the Board of Directors approved (as qualified during discussions and pending those corrections).  As such, I think it is wholly appropriate for the consideration of the membership.

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29 Comments to “Searchable text version of DRAFT CCPOA MOU”

  1. f j says:

    Here it is, finally posted at DPA –

  2. runningscared says:

    I will not vote on this M.O.U. I have less than 80 day’s to go. The only area that heat med mike could improve was working conditions. He failed badly! Working conditions at the joints suck! Admin is running amok. ! We are subjected to heavy handed tactics from non-custody A.W s. They can cook oatmeal for hundreds of inmates. They can check out books ect . But after a week of training , cooks and teachers have badges !!!!!!!!!!! WTF ?

  3. Pete says:

    Looks to be a tight vote in the early going.

    DVI POLL Gladiator School Site
    67 (51%) For
    64 (48%) Against

    CIM POLL CIM Riders Site
    72 (48%) Yes
    78 (52%) No


    vote no on this bs they can do what they want did we ever get the raise at the end of the last contract from gray davis no werethe furloughs suppose to stop last year did they no can they still give us plp days after next year can it be more then 1 can furloughs come back do they have to give us the 4% raise at the end of this contract its all bullshit vote no on this be a man not a biaaatccchhhhhhh

  5. daknksp says:

    This contract is all for the state and the union leaders are reallyout for them selves. What are we getting a little money back that ends up going to medical and into retirement. We are still getting scerewed on leave credit useage, such as bereavement,holiday,sick and vacation. Also they want to eliminate holiday credit which would translate to eliminating holiday officer positions. And the POFF we will get back will be screwed at taxes. I got 14 in Dept and first wife started in 1990 and past on in 2000 so I have seen the contracts from 1990 till presant and this one is garbage!!!!!

  6. Madcow says:

    For those of you who think we’re getting a pay increase to the top step look again, it says effective July 1 2013 (one day before the contract is to expire)

  7. pbspc/o says:

    ouch my eyes hurt. just finished reading the entire TA (as it applies to c/o’s anyway) and most of it sounds pretty good, considering what was rammed up our hiennies by arnold. I dont think any of us really expected to have a new exparation date stamped on our old contract. What concerns me most is the wording in section 4.01 (management rights) and section 27.01 (entire agreement). I’m not fluent in legaleze but it almost sounds like the state has pretty much reserved the right to change anything they want as they see fit. I,m also very concerned that the staffing ratio section has been lined out.

    • CodeBROWN says:

      You are right, so why would anyone want to vote yes on a contract that let’s the state control or change what they want,,,,,,what’s next?

  8. Retired Capt. says:

    Do you remember why Hickman quit?

    Arnold was talking to CCPOA behind closed doors.

    Damn MJ, what kind of F-Bomb did you drop then???

  9. stone cold says:

    After getting screwed under ARNIE’S rule. This MOU doesn’t seem much better at all. Looks like the E.C. sat on there A$$ to long, and got the scraps that were left over! The MORALE is at a all time LOW! Sucks when your supervisors laugh at you and say your union didn’t get you guys crap! Dennis your right CRAPPY just about covers this Contract!

  10. Je'an Lee Howe says:

    This TA is for two years. If the membership votes no on this TA then the membership could possibly will see Arbitration. Putting this in the hands of the politicians is a gamble due to the times we are in. Remember we might not care what the voters at large think, but the politicians do! To them we have to look like we are giving something, because if we go to an impasse then they could just take more. Its a gamble so think long and hard before voting no. Is the membership strong enough for another fight? Harleyman1said in his last post: CCPOA lost the ability to represent, and be strong during the GAS term & LBF. I think CCPOA lost that ability long before the GAS term. CCPOA has just been riding a wave that was created quite awhile back and has now dissipated. As for the membership, the old schoolers are done. The middle of the roady’s and newby’s need to start a new wave. Get “real” active in your union. Step up to the plate. Its your time!

  11. Six Hour Sgt. says:

    I haven’t read the entire contract yet, but here are a few things I have noticed:

    1.) An increase in what the State contributes to medical insurance.
    2.) A $200.00 a month recruitment incentive to those who work at Pelican Bay and High Desert.
    3.) An increase in the top salary range.
    4.) The elimination of the POFF II program.

    I didn’t read about the loss of holidays yet as some have stated it says. I would suggest that everyone read it completely and make your decision.

    I am retired now but if I wasn’t, I would vote yes. CCPOA and its members have to start rebuilding the association back up to where it was before Arnold and this is a good starting point.

    Just my opinion…

  12. J.C.Mendoza says:

    This contract is not only bad but i think its a waste of our EC time and waste of our union dues, but for guys like me who have 20+ years to do i wouldnt want to work at DVI without a contract and without having ARB in a active contract. For all those working at DVI know what im talking about. I think we all need to bite an egg and look to a briter future with possibly a better heads at CCPOA headquarters. Just my thought!

  13. CO_wtf says:

    People seem to think that by voting no on this new (piece of garbage) MOU what we have at this moment will stay in place…for a moment, try to envision a worst case scenario if this MOU doesn’t get approved. Arbitration? You think they wont shove something worse down our throat with an impasse? Hope you’re willing to live with whatever that could be. This is a two year deal. In that two years we need to vote MJ out and regroup. Then in 2013 go back to the table. Look around…the country hasn’t seen times like these since the Great Depression and with Wisconsin and Ohio leading the way to make unions completely ineffective and obsolete we must walk a fine line to regain our sovereignty. We are divided and the division stems from within our own union. We need to suck it up and approve this MOU and then clean house.

  14. aChiefJobSteward says:

    Sick and tired of quotes based on speculation and or what is hoped to be, to discredit. I would much prefer to make my decisions in this vocation based on fact. Yes MJ has been a failure since his son was arrested, taken us down a road of being concerned about rehabilitation rather than our profession. Possibly trying to understand what took his son down the road of criminal activity or what he may perceive is how could he have failed in parenting. None of us can ever know what took him to the path he has chosen. Yes his mindset has altered where CCPOA is/going. We must seperate our hatred from where his personal life and choices have taken us/ brought us.
    We now must make a choice. We must choose to start to make our collective and individual decisions based on facts and shed our collective mob mentality based off of speculation. MJ has done enough to discredit himself based on the facts of his own actions. We must now take a step back and clear our heads. Let’s approach this proposal with a clear head, weigh the good, Bad, state of the State economy, national economy, and yes even the world economy. There is alot of great minds on this site, let’s start putting quality ideas out there of how we can rehabilitate our position and get ourselves back on track, Fostering and Representing the Toughest Beat in the State. It is inevidable that we will toss MJ out on his ass come convention. It is a given. Let’s stop focusing on him, the failure. As a collective, lets focus how to get to where Don took us. If you have an opinion on how create a fair contract when the State is in a bad spot, voice it. Let’s kick it around and if this proposal fails, let’s have solutions that can be accomplished rather than bitch about a failure MOU

    • CodeBROWN says:

      I have seen the T A and it is really bad, in fact it is everything neg of what’s being said on here, also read sac bee …… Today proof

  15. sister in green says:

    One step closer to saying good-bye to CCPOA. I see the union gone in less then 5 yrs. We don’t need a union for this no good contract. CCPOA has none of its dues paying members in mind. CCPOA should be spending our dues on exposing the medical cost of having to take care of the scum (i.e. Inmates). All of our pay increase are being spent on taking care of people that come to prison so all of their medical needs can be taken care of, and go back to the streets and take drugs and be back to being messed up again. We are going to see everything that we have worked for gone, and good luck in finding people that will do the job!!

    • Harleyman1 says:

      I have to reiterate, CCPOA lost the ability to represent and be strong during the GAS term & LBF. We will be strong again with the return of 27.01 the grievance process and arbitration. If you don’t know the strength in that then you probably were never a union activist. For those of us that know the meaning of this is why we will give a yes vote towards this shattered contract.

      Sometimes the bigger accomplishments come in time, 2.5 at 55 will probably change back before those impacted new hires reach retirement. We had 2.5 when I first started and when the need to fill positions gets desperate Im sure the state will look at incentives to hire more, then.

      The best thing coming out of all this besides the areas I referenced above is the involvement and input from all of you. Now stay involved get involved and look to make the changes you want to see in your future to many of us are close to retirement and someone needs to continue OUR UNION battles.

      • Ghostrider says:

        You might like vaseline… I don’t. For roughly $2 million in support of this guy, we get offered a worse deal than the other bargaining units. Does not compute in my world.

      • guapoton2 says:

        question ? doesn’t the dills act afford us the same protection as27.01? i really dont know but i could swear that i read that posted here; if thats the case shouldn’t we file under those stipulations ? just asking not trying to be sarcastic, please enlighten

    • El Pato says:

      There will always be someone willing to do the job. Don’t forget that. If you’re one step closer to saying goodbye, well then, goodbye sister.

      • FrustratedC.O says:

        El pato, there are many officers in the dept that feel like we “have something coming”  just like the inmate mentality that we deal with everyday. But as “peace officers” we must be proactive in our local communities. Just like all other law enforcement agencies, e.g. Toy drives for needy kids, time spent with victims groups, mentoring or tutoring at schools. I believe this will slowly erode the “prison guard”  connotation that is associated with our profession.  If we make ourselves leaders and pillars of our communities we will not only strengthen the people we help, but we also strengthen ourselves as one collective voice. Our badges will have a meaning to the public. If we haven’t put in time and effort serving the public, how can we sit in front of the governor and ask for a pay raise? Senior officers think we have that coming, well there is a difference when dealing with the public, we are “public servants” we gain their respect by giving back, not by wearing the most faded and worn jumpsuits or hash marks on your sleeve.
          Guess who pays our salaries? The public does…
          It’s time to forgive and move past what our current EC have done for the CCPOA.  It’s time for change. This is our time to change the old way of thinking, the old way of doing things. We can choose to move forward with change or get run over by it, stuck in the old ways of doing things.

        • El Pato says:

          Couldn’t agree with you more Frustrated CO.

        • C/O Involved says:

          Thankyou for this post. Is is so true. There are so many running around with a sense of entitlement and aren’t doing anything in thier community. The negative attitudes are abundant. You will see in the future that they will discover and begin to diagnose our “Gaurds” with mental phenomena related to thier employment in a prison setting that causes thier disconnection from society and senses of entitlements. They are already giving it a name for inmates. Medical professionals will soon realize that staff are being affected as well.

  16. Parole 16 says:

    I’ve been in the department t for almost 26 years now and say this is the worse piece of garbage I have ever seen. There’s nothing but takeaways here. So what, they give back 2 furlough days and add a pittance to our medical. When I see what all the other bargaining units have gotten, we are getting screwed. I’d rather keep the 3 furloughs per month and take my week vacation every other month and stack my leave credits to cash out. SEIU, the supervisors, and BU&, who did not even support Brown got better. And, I could hardly shive a git about a pay raise in 2013 for top step. It’s a matter of principle and respect. We have the principle, and they refuse to give us respect.

  17. Snogdog says:

    This MOU sucks, but if you want to see a real MOU go to and select BU 5 now that’s a contract, and it’s half as long.

  18. Madcow says:

    So far it looks like what I was hearing a few days back. Removal of Holidays, removal of POFF II retirement, a fake pay increase. What a jacked up contract.