San Mateo County and realignment

Aug 15th, 2012 | By | Category: Realignment

San Mateo County has been receiving 15% more former guests of the state than they were told to anticipate before realignment kicked in on October 1.  Many of them are refusing to participate in treatment and reentry programs.

According to the county stats about 87% of those realignment prisoners who have been released are considered to be at significant risk of reoffending.  About 64% of them need substance abuse treatment.  About 26% need mental health treatment.

The county is currently supervising about 250 realignment cases.

Their current stats show 26% have warrants out for failing to check in, 19% have been arrested on new beefs and 7% have been revoked.  About 15% are homeless.

Clicking here will link to a San Mateo Daily Journal piece on this subject.

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2 Comments to “San Mateo County and realignment”

  1. bulldogger says:

    The same is going on in orange county and LA.

  2. kl2008a says:

    Well, it sounded good on paper.