DA, Mother of slain officer: Death penalty is Justice

Apr 26th, 2012 | By | Category: Death Penalty, Spotlight

Sacramento DA Jan Scully and Phyllis Loya, mother of a slain police officer, argue Justice loses if the anti-death penalty initiative passes.

Justice for crime victims demands death penalty

By Jan Scully and Phyllis Loya
Special to The Bee

Jan Scully, Sacramento County district attorney, and Phyllis Loya, the mother of a murdered Pittsburg police officer, are responding to Tuesday’s Viewpoints article “Death penalty in California does not make us any safer.” The article stated that the ballot initiative SAFE California “will provide public protection by keeping those truly guilty of death penalty crimes locked up for life.”

The American Civil Liberties Union has waged a relentless attack on public safety in California for decades. Their goal: overturn the death penalty. Their approach has been shameful and costly, in dollars and pain for victims.

We are writing as the Sacramento County district attorney and the mother of a Pittsburg police officer whose son Larry Lasater was killed by a vicious murderer. We want California to know who’s behind the effort to abolish California’s death penalty.

It’s the ACLU. They are responsible for endless delays, frivolous appeals and a mountain of misinformation. Now, they claim capital punishment is broken and should be repealed.

This November, Californians will vote and hopefully reject the ACLU. The reason is that Californians don’t want the most violent criminals to escape justice: 135 sexual assault murderers, 126 torture murderers, 135 child murderers and 41 cop-killers…They are the ones the ACLU wants you to save…(Full text at Sacramento Bee)

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2 Comments to “DA, Mother of slain officer: Death penalty is Justice”

  1. CO to go says:

    I wouldn’t pass it as “Pretend” given economics of today….voters just might have a say in it and really voice their opinions as “Pull the level time or pump’em full of lead” Death penalty needs to be used every day to rid these killers ….its been to long waiting for a bunch of BS. Jury of 12 has dealt the justice …now its time to follow through with it.

  2. Bob Walsh says:

    The liberal courts, the sob sisters and the criminal rights lobby doesn’t care. The general public and the voters don’t care enough to actually do something about it. So we get a pretend system that gives us pretend public safety and pretend justice for actual victims at hellish cost.