Sac County prisoner wins $150,000 in lower bunk lawsuit

Jul 8th, 2012 | By | Category: Courts, Jails, Medical (Inmate Healthcare)

Marvin Orr is a chronic low-level offender and a frequent guest of the county.  He is only 48 years old but has a lot of health problems which are real and well documented in his jail records.  He has paperwork for a lower tier and lower bunk.  However, the jail has allegedly taken little or no steps to enforce his lower bunk order.  In December of 2008 he did two face plants out of his upper bunk, the second of them busting him up pretty bad after which he asserted he did not get proper medical care.  The county is now paying him $150,000 to make his federal law suit go away.

Just goes to show you unenforced rules and procedures will ultimately bite you on the butt.

Clicking here will link to a Sacramento PRAVDA piece on this story.

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