Royal procession over jail chow for naught

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Parole Absconder Mark Royal prefers the food at Placer County Jail over Sacramento.  Despite the snub, Sacramento's hospitality prevailed.

Parole Absconder Mark Royal prefers the food at Placer County Jail over Sacramento. Despite the snub, Sacramento’s hospitality prevailed–The jail graciously took him in.

Sacramento absconder’s car chase to Auburn: “The food’s better here”

Mark Royal was a Parolee At Large  (PAL) from Sacramento.  It is unknown at this writing if he is a state parolee or of the post-realignment county variety.  Based upon KCRA’s report, Paco surmises he is the latter. In either case, it is an unusual, ironic and gotcha amusing saga.

It seems last Tuesday at 2330 hours, Sacramento PD officers recognized a driver as a PAL, namely, Mark Royal. Officers attempted to stop Royal that he may be returned to custody.

Royal, 51, has been a criminal a long time so he decided to do things his way. Parenthetically, doing things one’s own way is what makes one a criminal in the first place. But I digress.

Rather than give up within blocks of Sacramento County’s custodial tower for a brief ride home, Royal led the police some 35 miles to Placer County’s Main Jail in Auburn. By the time he arrived, Placer County Sheriff’s deputies had joined the red-and-blue light conga line.

Royal succeeded in depriving the Sacramento officers of the physical arrest — He stepped out and surrendered to Placer deputies.

When the arresting deputy asked Parolee Royal why he drove all the way to the Jail in Auburn, he replied “the food is better here.”

To Royal’s chagrin, the deputies completed their interview and he was placed in the back seat of his original, Sacramento PD taxi. He was promptly returned to Sacramento for booking.

He was booked early Wednesday morning. The report did not indicate if he was processed in time for breakfast. –

This post was based entirely upon the linked KCRA report.

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  1. pacovilla says:

    Now that’s funny right there…I don’t care WHO you are! :)

  2. kl2008a says:

    His bologna has a first name it’s G-R-E-E-N!