Manny Gonzalez, EOW

We will not forget our brother CPO Manuel A. Gonzalez Jr.

Manny Gonzalez was a career correctional officer at the California Institution for Men, Chino. On January 10, 2005, he was stabbed to death in the Reception Center by an inmate, committed for attempted murder of a police officer, whose custody level should have resulted in transfer to a maximum security facility 4 months earlier.

Manny was the only officer in the Department of Corrections to be murdered by an inmate since 1985. The “stab-resistant” vest procured for, and assigned to, Manny (as well as those for approximately 300 fellow officers) was in the prison warehouse where it had been stored for nearly 5 months. The administration had decided to wait until there were enough vests for the entire facility.

Governor Schwarzenegger, who had been in Hollywood the night prior to Manny’s funeral, flew back to Sacramento rather than attend the services some 20 miles from his Hollywood appearance.  The Lieutenant Governor, Cruz Bustamonte, attended.

The Governor’s corrections chief, Youth and Adult Corrections Agency Secretary Roderick Q. Hickman held a “Celebration of our achievements” less than 3 weeks after Manny was buried. Attendees at the Sacramento “celebration” were greeted by the turned backs of over 50 members of the California Correctional Peace Officers Association shouting “unforgivable” and “what are you celebrating?” Members of the Gonzalez Family also attended to register their protest of this callous event.

  • We will never forget Manny. We will never forget how he died — why he died — that negligence and incompetence at the highest levels enabled his murder.
  • We will never forget his family’s pain. We will take care of them because they are OUR family.
  • We will never forget the neglect and disrespect of the Governor, Secretary Hickman and the sycophants who attended the post-funeral party.
  • We will never forget.

Rest in Peace, Brother.

Count is clear–End of Watch

Contributions from the Line:


The crowd starts to gather
Upon the green grassy hill
All there to pay their respect
For the Officer whom was killed
The reason for his death
Was the badge upon his chest
Which he wore so proudly
Cause he was one of the best
All his family there wearing black
Honoring him for he gave his life
The folding of the America flag
Which was given to his wife
People standing with tears in their eyes
For his life was taken in his prime
His kids putting flowers on his casket
Others walking by for the last time
As the sun starts to set
The casket lower in to the ground
The bugle starts to play
And taps is the final sound

In Memory of Officer Manuel Gonzalez