Report from the CCPOA Convention (Part 5): Jimenez wins re-election

Aug 18th, 2011 | By | Category: Spotlight, Unions

This morning 443 delegates from the 45 chapters of CCPOA reelected Mike Jimenez to the presidency of CCPOA.   The vote was 251 for Jimenez, 118 for Jones, 35 for Lantripp and 6 for Mohammed, with 24 abstaining, including the entire Pelican Bay delegation.  There were also 7 votes cast for Alexander, though he dropped out before the election actually started

There will, no doubt, be screaming from the dissidents that the election was somehow rigged, that the delegates have been bribed, or are too stupid or too deluded to understand fully how evil Mike Jimenez really is.  I refuse to believe that 443 Correctional Peace Officers who were smart enough and aware enough to get elected are collectively that stupid, greedy or unaware.  They simply honestly believe that MJ was the best man for the job (who was also on the ballot).

That is part of the problem with representative democracy.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  If you feel that you lost, or even that CCPOA lost, you are just going to have to deal with it.  That’s life in the real world.

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28 Comments to “Report from the CCPOA Convention (Part 5): Jimenez wins re-election”

  1. King Wills says:

    Every last member is eligible to vote on contracts, but only 443 of over 32,000 of us has a vote for CCPOA President…..the USA was built on direct democracy, but we, as CCPOA members sure don’t see any.

    • Bob Walsh says:

      This voting arrangement was set up for a very specific purpose, after direct election was seriously considered.It was feared that direct election would freeze out everybody but those people from very large chapters. ( Plus, now the retired chapter is BY FAR the largest chapter.) It was believed (correctly I think) that this way gives the chance to people from small chapters to get exposure to the electorate and a fair shot for a good person from a small area to be elected. There are good points and bad points to both systems, and remember the current system gave us Novey, who was unquestionably good for the organization. I am not saying that one way is 100% correct and the other way is 100% wrong. I am saying that it was a reasonable decision, arrived at after careful thought, years before MJ joined the organization. Just because you don’t like the outcome it doesn’t mean the system is broken.

      Also, of course, there is the fact that the USA was NOT built on direct democracy, not totally at least. The President was (and technically still is) elected by the electoral college. Until fairly recently the U.S. Senate was not directly elected either. The founding fathers did not completely trust the mob. Also they greatly restricted the franchise. If you were female, or black, or native American, or did not own property, you didn’t get to vote. I still remember when the voting age was 21. Direct Democracy is not a panacea.

  2. Steve Fournier says:

    August 21, 1971 was the lead up to the Attica riot that accounted for the loss of 11 CO’s.
    We lost three this day 40 years ago………say a prayer for those that man the post today,
    And into the future………Against all odds

    August 11, 1971 San Quentin state prison, California
    Adjustment center————3 CO’s murdered.

    September 13, 1971 Attica state prison, New York
    After a long stand-off with inmates, 11 CO’s and staff were killed as a result of the inmate riot.

    Never forget!!!!!!!

    [Mr. Fournier’s comment was edited via the Online Sentence Case Converter at, as his CAP LOCK is apparently broken.]

  3. Oomph says:

    Today is the 40th anniversary of black august across the state,,,,,san quentin remembers how far we have come since then and thank those of you who have helped make it great or at least a good job ,better then most. Guys like mike j and marques j have helped you and your families…..and have hurt some as well, just like me and all the rest of youhave done.keep tryin to get better and never bad mouth anyone at your union…..well ok maybe that one guy. Remember our fallen brethren and their families today and everyday you walk in the gates.

  4. Retired says:

    Remember the $34 a month we paid for the Screw Arnold Campaign.

    Shit, it should have been called Screw the Membership Campaign.

    • kl2008a says:

      Did CCPOA ever STOP taking that 34 bux a month from you all when the election was finally over? If I remember right, it was only suppose to be temporary (at least that’s how it was explained in the beginning).

  5. Retired says:

    Again I remind you that Arnold, the Asshole he was, gave us 15% on the Last Best Final Offer and MJ F-Bombed it away. Then we took a three day Furlough totaling 15%. So when reality sets in we lost 30% except for the first 5% we did get.


    Blog Col has it right, to bad MJ is too damn ignorant or stupid as 1962 states to figure it out.

    CHP is 15% ahead of the Correctional Officers because of MJ.

    I lost 1100 in my retirement due to MJ. You don’t think I would like to put a boot in his ass right now.!!!!!

    • kl2008a says:

      If CCPOA didn’t stop taking your 34 bux AFTER Arnie won the election you should consider this: 34 bux a month = 408 bux a year. Now multiply that times 3 (years since election) totals 1224 bux. Now, multiply that times the 30,000 union members (I hope that number is correct) and you have a grand sum of $37,620,000 that has been overpaid towards this endeavor!!! Shit at that kind of money I think/know I got robbed. My Screw Arnold pin was made from cheap pot metal and the bumper sticker faded within a month. At 37.6 mill, I should’ve received one of the diamond encrusted platinum pins along with a few gold leafed bumper stickers.

  6. indian chief says:

    One very important key to this election for me was, I sat with Mike the last time around and he made it clear that this would be it for him. So as I sat with Mike the night before the election, he attended the CIM chapter meeting in Vegas. I posed the question again. Mike you said last time you were done, and yet we find you here three years later, running again. Tell me and our members why are you running again?
    He said last time he said that because he had some medical issues and personal issues with his family. He said now he feels good, and he also said, what stuck to me the most. I’m not prepared to retire yet, I want to work three more years for my retirement.
    As he said that I thought to myself, well most would have to buy a couple more jumpsuits and try and squeeze out another year or two on the tier. I thought to myself ” your putting 33,000 members lively hood on the line so you can squeeze out a couple of more years to pad your retirement.

    I knew with that statement what I was going to do as a boardmember. I just wish all my partners would have felt the same way! The key point was my members sent me to Vegas with clear direction! They did not want me to vote for MJ!

    • Moses Mix says:

      And how did the rest of your Delegation vote?

    • Gadgetgirl says:

      I’ve got two words…Recall Petition!!!!!

      • Bob Walsh says:

        Waste of time GadgetGirl. It is for for all practical purposes impossible. It takes a majority of pesons ELIGIBLE to vote to accomplish that. It has been done once or twice at the local level. Ain’t gonna happen at the state level. Plus, initiating a recall immediately after the election, in which the winner got 59% of the vote, seems pointless and a needless expenditure of energy and money. Get over it, deal with it, and move on.

  7. Brandon says:

    Plan “B”: Get involved… Be heard! Bitching obviously doesn’t work. Need to try “internal” diplomacy. One of the biggest problems I see is the need for closer and more frequent communication…. TWO-WAY communication.

  8. COL says:

    Wake up now people. What you see is what you got!!. You had an opportunity to change chapters and subsequently the president, most of us decided not to act upon it 2 or 3 years ago, some of us for being inactive and some of us for being ignorant to the facts. the only good thing that I hope is, that these chapters and board NOW understand : 1) You do not bite the hand that feeds you, no disrespect to those who have the authority to make changes on your carrer, be POLITE and DIPLOMATIC, remember Mr. Novey?. 2) You do not (ever) turn down anything that is given to you that has any value (pay raises of any kind, shape or form), contrary to being arrogant and greedy, be pacient and thankfull, doors would be left OPENED for you to negociate somemore. 3) Be transparent to your union members, show that you are not braking things (and hide it) and show that things are accounted for, not missing $$$. END
    Just reflecting part of my thoughts

  9. 1000rrren says:

    Hey Guys and Gals…before the bad remarks…let me ask you…when was the last time you went to a union meeting? I go and can say the percentage attending is not very motivating. I agree that the management has to change…but it has to start from the bottom up…not the other way down. I don’t know MJ personally but I also can’t say anything negative because I feel I need to invest some of my time to understand the ropes before I can comment…please be supportive and attend your meetings…they are for your future. Then comment all your constructive comments. Be safe and take care of one another.

  10. JUST ME says:

    And the hits just keep on coming.

  11. bulldogger says:

    Why did chapers abstain? If I was in those chapters I would be fighting mad

    • Bob Walsh says:

      If I was to guess, the Pelican Bay chapter abstained because they didn’t like ANY of the candidates. I have NOT asked any of them, but that would be my guess.

  12. Brehm says:

    I don’t understand why CCPOA can’t be like other unions and let their rank and file members vote on their president? This “delegates only” gets to vote seems to me as a great opportunity to continue the “good ol’ boy” network. CCPOA constitution needs changed IMO.

    • King Wills says:

      I dont understand it either……………..if it’s not one member/one vote, it lacks credibility.

      • Bob Walsh says:

        A very deliberate decisions was made to do it this way. The idea is that, if there are direct elections, only someone from one of the large institutions would have any real likelyhood of ever gettting elected. Also the retired chapter is by far the largest voting group, do you really want the retired chapter telling you who the next president is? There are good points to either system. Remember, the current system gave us Don Novey and you can’t even pretend to say he was bad for the organization.

  13. 1962 says:

    Bob I disagree. People in this union are stupid. Jimenez and his goons have destroyed this union and he was re-elected by his cronies, the chapter presidents. Those 443 C/O’s that got themselves elected and then voted for MJ, were elected by idiots who either don’t vote, or beleive the BS they heard from them, because they’re stupid.
    We’ll be lucky if CCPOA doesn’t become bankrupt soon and these fools just re-elected the main culprit. Its one of the reasons we’ll never get any respect from other LEO’s.

  14. Bob Walsh says:

    I can understand being disappointed with the outcome, or unhappy with it. I still have trouble with the corruption lable. MJ won on the first ballot with 59% of the vote. I don’t see how 251 of the delegates could be bought off. It just doesn’t make sense. Just because you don’t like the guy and are bothered by the fact that he won doesn’t make him a crook. Its kind of like Florida 7 years ago. They did a full recount, paid for by several large media operations. Guess what? George Bush really did win the election. The Democrats lived with it. The country didn’t come to an end. I would have been happier with a different outcome myself. It didn’t happen. Life goes on. With a bit of luck Mike will keep his temper under control, not get us sued again, and we will be in a good position to pick up the pieces when the implementation of AB 109 crashes.

  15. Big_E says:

    CCPOA is so corrupt, why even vote. All I can do is quit paying Union dues.

  16. LAKings78 says:


  17. SQSGT says:

    Like I have stated before…until you remove those at the local level (prison chapters) nothing can be done about MJ,I bet if those at the prisons begin protesting and removing all those that voted for MJ and replace them with ones that don’t agree with MJ only then you can make a huge difference. I believe this is the year that we also vote for local union reps.

  18. kl2008a says:

    While some will have to wait until 2015 for another chance at change, I’d venture to say that many of those may just throw up their hands in disgust. But hey, at least the sun will shine again tomorrow (I think).