Report from the CCPOA convention, #3

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While it was interesting and slightly enlightening to hear MJ and the others speak yesterday about their reaction to some of the ballot propositions that will be decided on in about ten weeks what I expect most readers are interested in are the elections.

There were two candidates for the office of CDCr Vice-President and only one candidate for the office of DJJ Vice-President.  There were five candidates for the Benefit Trust position, though two of them were no-shows and they received zero votes.

Daryl Lee, the incumbent, ran unopposed for the DJJ VP spot.  He gave a ten-minute acceptance speech, which took him 20 minutes to deliver due to his throwing in a sesuer ever few words.

The incumbent, Chuck Helton, garnered 263 votes to Mike Smith’s 108 in the run for the CDCr VP position.

Paula Goodes, the incumbent for the Benefit Trust spot, got 277 votes against Debbra Rowlett’s 134 votes.  Nicolas Gonzalez got four votes.  Greling Jackson and Michael Southern were the no-shows.

Among other news, the Walk Time lawsuit will probably actually go to trial next year.  It has been floating around for four years and encompasses a class of about 40,000.  There will soon be a competent, professional time/motion study done at several prisons to determine if the current 12 minutes per day is an accurate reflection of reality.  Nobody thinks it will be.  Part of the question is where do you come under your employers control.  Some think it will end up when you drive on grounds.  Some will say when you walk in the front gate.  There are other possibilities but those are the two biggies.  There is a LOT of money at stake here, possibly several hundred million dollars.  It could be seriously interesting.

There were only 97 people actually laid off during Wave 1, they were people who were unwilling or unable to relocate, possibly for a PIE or OTAP job.  The next wave is about to hit, and it will be worse.  The Parole Agents will be hammered early next year, around March probably.

Starting in a few days CCPOA will determine what position, if any, they will take on the rest of the ballot propositions on the November ballot.

The Association is considering a California venue for next year for the convention, but since the additional cost is around $200,000 and there are not that many venues that can accommodate a group of our size for four or five days I wouldn’t count on that.  The convention will probably be held in July of next year to catch summer school vacation.  I hope to see you there.

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7 Comments to “Report from the CCPOA convention, #3”

  1. Tropia says:

    Bob, please define “sesuer”.

    • Bob Walsh says:

      I hope I spelled it right, I am on the road and don’t have my large dictionary with me. A seseur is a strategic pause in a verbal presentation for timing or emphasis. It can add a great deal to the “feel” of a presentation, especially of poetry but also of prose.

  2. Greling Jackson says:

    I refused to show up after they put me through a lot of B.S. in just getting just basic, fundamental information on the candidacy and electoral process. It seems the people at the top want this information to be as inaccessible and difficult to sift through as possible without things appearing as obviously rigged. After a while of meditating on it, I figured my time was better spent and did not want to bother associating with such closed-ended corruption. I have extensive board experience, a college education and a decade of broad investment knowledge, but I believe my talents can be put to better use elsewhere.

    • Bob Walsh says:

      I confess I do not remember hearing ANYBODY complain before that the election process for the Benefit Trust was corrupt. If, however, you feel your immense talent is better used elsewhere, you no doubt made the correct decision in not showing up.

  3. 1962 says:

    A July convention would be a good idea. Yeah parole will be hit hard soon.