Reason to Believe

Oct 16th, 2013 | By | Category: GADFLY Open

The Matter of God and Suffering


Once again, Prager University has outdone itself in discussion and reasoning about the existence of God through a discourse on the matter of human suffering. Sometimes connecting the dots can be difficult, but in following this five-minute lesson, it certainly helps to find some clarity.


Reasoning is a good way to discern the existence of God

Reasoning is a good way to discern the existence of God

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5 Comments to “Reason to Believe”

  1. Bob Walsh says:

    If I can make people suffer does that mean I am God? Or at least God-like? (I must be missing the point, that does not make any sense.)

    • pacovilla says:

      No Bob, you aren’t missing the point, you are ridiculing it. And you are correct, that does not make any sense. As your fellow bloggers do not ridicule your content, you should reciprocate.

    • Gadfly says:


      Your first question was answered in the mention of free will. God gives you a choice in the matter of your decisions to do good or evil. So if you choose to willfully inflict suffering upon others that would be evil. Why? Because there is a moral standard higher than your feelings about injustice. That standard comes from God. Therefore He exists.

      Your second question of whether or not you are God-like could be answered in how you treat others. If you made a habit of inflicting pain on others, that would not be God-like. That would be evil. That God allows evil to exist, once again, goes back to the matter of free will.

      That you miss the point or that none of it makes any sense to you is a matter of aptitude, which is not a theological question at all, is it?