Report: Realigned reprobates remain recidivists

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Psychretary Beard: “We need more time. I’m very hopeful”

“We need more time. I’m very hopeful”

“We need more time. I’m very hopeful”

The Public Eye: Rearrest rate unchanged under California prison realignment

Brad Branan | Sacramento Bee

…The realignment plan enabled the state to reduce its prison population by 25,000 inmates and balance its cash-strapped budget. But so far it has disappointed advocates who had lofty hopes that counties would reduce California’s notoriously high rate of inmates who commit new crimes soon after hitting the streets.

Parolees monitored by counties under realignment have been arrested for new crimes at the same rate as when the state supervised similar offenders, The Sacramento Bee found in an analysis of state data. Sixty percent of parolees released to counties from October 2011 through September 2012 were arrested for new offenses within 12 months of leaving prison, the same rate as a comparable population of parolees managed by the state the year before the law took effect…

The state’s prisons chief, Jeffrey Beard, cautioned against early evaluations of realignment. No state has attempted a similar shift in correctional responsibilities, and counties are still coming up with programs after a little over two years, he said.

“We need more time,” Beard said. “I’m very hopeful…”(Full text at Sacramento Bee)

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2 Comments to “Report: Realigned reprobates remain recidivists”

  1. bulldogger says:

    Your right Bob look at the war on poverty. It just turned 50 with billons of dollars spent and the poverty rate is still the same

  2. Bob Walsh says:

    The essential liberal mantra is, “we need more time / money / resources in order for this wonderful program to work”. Absolutely any program failure, no matter how egregious or obvious, can be excused in this fashion. Being liberal means never having to say that your program is stupid and unworkable.