Realignment client suspected in murder leads cops on a merry chase

Jul 28th, 2012 | By | Category: Realignment

An AB109 released prisoner suspected of murder lead the cops on a chase near Avenal while driving a stolen car early Wednesday.

Rigoberto Albor, 35, or Perris, was spotted driving a stolen Honda Accord on Hwy 215 in the very early morning.  The cops attempted to stop him and he took off, driving recklessly, blowing stop signs and speeding.  The cops eventually rammed him and took him into custody.

Albor had a $1 million warrant out on him from Riverside County related to a murder case.

Albor was, at the time of this incident, on post-release AB 109 supervision.  Albor was booked into the San Berdoo hospitality center for possession of stolen property and various traffic violations.

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