Realigned, reoffended, resentenced…running

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Christopher Lee Brown escaped LA's Twin Towers the same day he was sentenced to spend nearly 5 years in the jail.

Christopher Lee Brown escaped LA’s Twin Towers the same day he was sentenced to spend nearly 5 years in the jail.  He remains at-large.

LA inmate escapes hours after sentencing


MONTEREY PARK, Calif. (KABC) — Christopher Brown, a Twin Towers Jail inmate, escaped Wednesday night just hours after he was sentenced to four years and eight months in county jail.

Brown, 37, was convicted on March 6 of two counts of second-degree commercial burglary and one count of receiving stolen property for stealing two computers and three flash drives from the AHMC Healthcare in Alhambra. Personal, financial and credit information from 729,000 patients was compromised.

Brown escaped from the Inmate Reception Center Release area at about 10 p.m. Wednesday.

Sheriff’s officials think Brown impersonated another inmate who was scheduled to be released. Later in the night, a head count revealed he was missing. A search of the jail ensued, and a review of closed-circuit TV showed Brown escaping…

Brown is a transient with no known address. He has multiple prior theft-related arrests…(Full text at KABC)

While there’s no question the Los Angeles County Jail’s security is/was seriously flawed, the underlying problem is jails simply are not designed with lengthy terms in mind.

I daresay the escape rate of jails statewide will rise along with the local long-termer population–It’s inevitable.

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5 Comments to “Realigned, reoffended, resentenced…running”

  1. LA Sleuth says:

    This is the 2nd. La.Co. Jail Escape under Terri Mc Donald tenure as Chief of Los Angeles County Jail facilities. This should come as no surprise to us who knew dear Terri during her employment with CDCR. She was hired by the former Sheriff of Los Angeles County Lee Baca. Recent articles by the Los Angeles Times noted that she is not qualified to hold her current position as Assist. Chief to be in charge of the LA.Co.Jail facilities. We all knew that she was not qualified to hold the positions that she held within CDCR . How can we forget how she covered up all those investigations surrounding Parole Agent Administrators. Remember the Queen of the Sex Offender Shuffle Maria Franco and company. The first escapee was a hard core gang member arrested for murder.

    • Donkey Punch says:

      OK, being a hater as much as you I get it… But can you really blame someone who literally had nothing do to with this guys release?

  2. JC says:

    Here we go, 1 AB109 Escape down, more to go…. Or was it the 7-11 deal?

  3. Bulldogger says:

    The LACJ is a finely tuned machine I know this because a former high ranking CDC offical who knows everything runs the jail.

  4. Bob Walsh says:

    Maybe he just went down to the 7-11 to get some stuff because the jail canteen is so crummy, and then couldn’t find his way back.