Rash of parolees ditching ankle monitors

Jul 13th, 2012 | By | Category: Alternatives to Public Safety, Gold Star Parolee

According to the piece linked here from the correctionsone.com website CDCr has suffered a rash of parolees ditching their ankle monitors.  Within the last week there have been five such cases.  I grant you that, on a percentage basis that isn’t a huge number but I thought the idea was the people who were in this program were supposed to be basically compliant with their conditions of parole.  Oh well, maybe it is just a bubble that will work itself out over time.  It would be nice if I thought the department had a workable program in place to take strong action against those former guests of the state who cheat on the program, but I can’t honestly say that I do.

Thanks to Caroline for the link.

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2 Comments to “Rash of parolees ditching ankle monitors”

  1. Superdog says:

    All the Parolee’s are laughing at CDCR. They are all saying, ” whats the big deal, i can only get 90 days”. I have many now run and fail to report. Some are violating now when they have not done so in the past. Most know that they will be Cop’d or be apart of the revolving door at the jail . We are all doing much more paperwork and work in General to keep the supervision up. Not to also say how many Jails are releasing parolee’s with out notification, or some that will not take them anymore. Hate to say it , but DAPO is looking pretty bad right now.

  2. west40 says:

    There’s no teeth in the conditions anymore, if u violate and don’t get a new charge all u get is 90 days or less or COP or lit lab or STAR.