Punished Before He Has His Day In Court For Fear Of Rodney King II

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George Zimmerman ‘guilty until proven innocent’

The authorities in Florida are determined to flush George Zimmerman down the criminal justice toilet because there is this fear that if the shooter of Trayvon Martin gets off there will be a repeat of the Rodney King riots.  And for the same reason, the Feds are ready to pounce on Zimmerman in the event of a ‘not guilty’ verdict in state court.

Last April, Zimmerman was released on $150,000 bail despite the strenuous objections of the prosecution and the black community.  But on June 1, his bail was revoked when the prosecution notified the judge that Zimmerman had deceived the court by claiming he was indigent when in fact he had set up a website through which he had collected $135,000 for his defense.

Lost in all of this controversy is the fact that the purpose of bail is to ensure the appearance of a criminal defendant in court, while denial of bail is designed to keep in jail a criminal who is a flight risk or who poses a serious threat to the public.  Bail is not supposed to be used as a form of punishment, but as in the case of Zimmerman, it is often used that way.

Zimmerman was a free man when charged with second degree murder.  He voluntarily turned himself in.  And when his bail was revoked, he again turned himself in.  He has twice demonstrated that he is not a flight risk.  There is no evidence that if free, he will pose any threat to the public.  He is charged with second degree murder, not capital murder.  Even some killers charged with capital murder have been released on bail pending trial.

Lately more evidence has been released that indicates Zimmerman was not the aggressor and that Martin was pounding the supreme shit out of him.  There is a good chance that if he gets an impartial jury, he will be acquitted.  But with the biased and devastating media reports, it is hard to see how Zimmerman can find any jurors that have not been tainted by the guilty image he has been painted with on TV and in print.  To this day, the media continues to show pictures of a sullen-faced Zimmerman in an orange jail jumpsuit while the pictures of Martin, a thug, are those of an innocent happy-go-lucky young kid.

There is no escaping the fact that Zimmerman is a stupid jerk.  Neighborhood watch is just that – a lookout for suspicious circumstances to be reported to the police.  Zimmerman should not have gotten out of his car and played wannabe cop.  He should not have deceived the court about his financial condition.  For that the judge could have raised his bail rather than revoke it.  It is not a crime to be stupid, nor is it a crime to be a jerk.

The Martin family and the black community want to get their pound of flesh.  The media has fanned the flames of racial hatred in its treatment of the Martin killing and if riots do break out, it will be the media that is to blame.

In order to placate an angry black community – anger that resulted from the hysterical media coverage – and to avoid a Rodney King II, the state prosecutors and Obama’s justice department want to bury Zimmerman.  In effect, the stupid jerk has been found guilty until proven innocent.

Next week, the judge will announce whether or not Zimmerman can be released on bail again.  If bail is denied when Zimmerman is not a flight risk and poses no threat to the public, he will be punished before he has his day in court simply to appease those that are demanding a pound of flesh and those that are threatening to riot.

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One Comment to “Punished Before He Has His Day In Court For Fear Of Rodney King II”

  1. kl2008a says:

    I said it before and will say it again – thanks to the media, Al, Jesse, and Barry, Zimmerman could never receive a fair trial. One more reason to increase the limit on your fire insurance and double your ammo purchases. As Bob Dylan once sang “It’s a hard rain, a gonna fall.”.