Psychretary to Court: All we need is 2 or 3 more years

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Beard’s Briar-patch Bravado: Please don’t make me ship inmates out of state!

Corrections Psychretary Beard has a PhD yet claims even he can't figure out how make CDCR comply with consent decrees and Court Orders.

Corrections Psychretary Beard, PhD., says he can’t comply with a simple population cap order without exporting inmates out of state.  He did so with a straight face.         ZOOM image

Prison secretary seeks delay in inmate court order

By DON THOMPSON (AP) | The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California will have no choice but to move 4,000 more inmates to private prisons in other states if federal judges refuse to postpone a court-ordered population cap, state Corrections Secretary Jeffrey Beard said Wednesday.

The state faces an April 18 deadline to reduce overcrowding in its 33 adult prisons. The judges have found reducing overcrowding to be the key step in improving inmate medical and mental health care, but Gov. Jerry Brown is seeking a three-year delay…

Beard said such a delay would give the state time to build cells for nearly 3,500 additional inmates. That would bring the state close to meeting the federal population cap while avoiding the need to send more inmates elsewhere.

It also would give time for rehabilitation programs to work, he said…

“We really don’t want to do more out-of-state either, so we’re hopeful we get our extension,” Beard said in an interview. “But if we don’t get that, then our only alternative will be to increase the out-of-state (transfers)…” (Full text at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Tantamount to The Money Pit contractor’s perpetual promise “2 weeks, it will be ready in 2 weeks,” Psychretary Beard is now mouthing the same double-speak that once spewed from the grill of his predecessor: We just need a little more time. (aka Just the tip…)

If, in fact, the Beard-fortified CDCR brain-trust still can’t figure out how to meet the cap without exporting convicts, they ought to do what CPO’s are expected to do:  Suck it up and do your job.

In this case, that means start the buses and charter the planes–CDCR is about to contribute a couple thousand more to the Great California Exodus.

Expect the Court to act judiciously and swiftly, ordering Dr. Beard et al. to pound sand.

It’s about time. –

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2 Comments to “Psychretary to Court: All we need is 2 or 3 more years”

  1. Oomph says:

    Them doin their jobs is unlikely…whats in it for them is the admin mantra. Judges have the power to make jeffrey be a good boy…dewitt nelson annex will lessen the burden ,but will it be filled and signed off on time? Nope! Who cares? They just wanna look good no matter what just like when they opened chachachcf…..bad warden!!!!!

  2. Bob Walsh says:

    If Dr. Beard gets tired of his current gig (I understand his family still lives back east) he could always go on the comedy club circuit.