Protecting Fire Hose From Being Cut By Train

Apr 19th, 2014 | By | Category: Katz Litterbox

Railroad crossing

Them thar firefighters deploy special devices to protect them thar fire hoses from being cut by train.

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5 Comments to “Protecting Fire Hose From Being Cut By Train”

  1. Gadfly says:

    Well, apparently the risk of cutting one’s hose short does not make a Belgian waffle.

  2. pacovilla says:

    Looked it up. It was a prank photo taken by a Belgian fire squad:
    “As it happens, the photo was taken in Belgium by a fire fighter named Tom Bongaerts, who posted it to Facebook on April 5…the reason for the hose over the tracks – it was a prank played by the fire brigade, as Tom writes in a follow up post:

    Hey, this past week our funny photo went viral throughout the whole world. Thousands of shares and likes in many different countries! Once and for all: the picture was taken in Belgium, in a small village called Bornem.

    After a minor intervention, we had some time left near the railway to make this picture. Since there were no trains running at all for a week due to maintenance works, we can state that our joke was a real success! Thanks to our entire team, 2nd sqdn Firefighters Bornem!

  3. Bob Walsh says:

    Can you say “Unclear on the concept”? (I wonder if that is a deliberate set-up? It is still a pretty neat visual.)