Project SWAGG: Ex-Con succeeds, gives back

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Logo aside, SWAGG is no pink elephant

SWAGG is the entrepreneurial and philanthropic brainchild of a former offender.

SWAGG University is the entrepreneurial and philanthropic brainchild of a former offender.

Going From Inmate to Entrepreneur

By Hass Saddique, SWAGG | Huffington Post
It wasn’t long ago that I was in prison. Now, I’m travelling the country, spreading positive vibes and running a business on my Shopify store…

A guy came to me about running guns for him. He said he would pay me $3,000 per gun and I just had to get the guns from Georgia to Buffalo. My awful decision to try this got me a 14-month sentence in federal prison.

While in prison, for the first time in my life, people saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. I began to feel that old familiar feeling that I was different. That feeling had plagued me my entire life, but now feeling different felt great.

I used my time in prison to write scripts, and not long after being released I created SWAGG University, Project SWAGG, and PiNK SWAGG. SWAGG is a acronym for Simply Winning Applying God’s Gifts.

I always had a fantasy about creating something in the apparel realm and the TV production industry. About a year after being released from prison, I created SWAGG University, which was a local television production in Buffalo, NY…

What changed my life forever was filming the finale episode of SWAGG University. I wanted to give a kid with cancer and his family a holiday surprise.

In December 2011, I met a kid named Jason that was battling leukemia. We filmed for three days. I brought over a NHL hockey player and the family told me their story. On day two, I took the family to a hockey game, and on day three I gave Jason a room SWAGGover while he was at school. It was great!

In June 2012, I met another kid in Atlanta named Jarel that was battling brain tumors. I surprised him with tickets to a concert, helped him meet the performer TI, and helped him launch a t-shirt line.

These stories would become a docu-series entitled Project SWAGG, where I would meet kids like Jason and Jarel and give them a platform to tell their story, then help each kid do something EPIC.

I decided to raise the funds to do this by creating a mascot named LEE the pink elephant, and sell it as a stuffed animal with shades. I put our logo on t-shirts, hoodies, and crew necks. That logo would become my PiNK SWAGG apparel line…(Full text at Huffington Post)

Kudos to Hass Saddique for not only turning his life around but helping and inspiring others in the bargain.

Success stories are so few and far between in this business, Paco thinks it is important to highlight and recognize them.

Hass Saddique could easily have followed the path of least resistance, falling headlong into the criminal subculture. Thankfully, he chose a different path.

You have to respect that!

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  1. Bob Walsh says:

    Just goes to show you what Capitalism can do.