Krupp Files: Prison realignment fulfilling its promises?

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Mirror Skull

When the lights fade out,  All the sinners crawl

Richard Krupp, PhD.

From my perspective, prison realignment is simply a scam put together by California politicians, academicians, and “treatment providers.”  We need more prison beds and cells in California to keep citizens safe.  We should reopen closed Youth Authority and Community Correctional Facilities until new prisons can be built.  Certainly this is more important than a fast train, some strange bathroom rules in public schools, or whether the subterranean prison population decides not to eat.  People like Senate President Pro-Tem Steinberg should seek help for the Misplaced Compassion Disorder (MCD) from which they suffer.  I believe mental health, drug treatment, et cetera is a waste of time and money for the most part, but maybe Steinberg can be cured.

Unfortunately law abiding citizens are not being protected from the scum who should be behind prison walls and the problem is only growing worse.  The GPS jewelry is not the answer.  The cancer is spreading and the political rats are scrambling for solutions that won’t make them look bad.

A recent news story caught my attention regarding a parolee and a federal investigator.  The cruel irony of the apparent connection between a person working with the federal courts to help convicted murderers and her death apparently at the hands of a violent criminal cannot be overlooked.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on August 18 that “career criminal and sex offender Randy Alana” was arrested for a parole violation.  He was evidently the last person to see Sandra Coke alive.  “Coke worked for the federal public defender’s office as an investigator on death penalty cases.  She also had worked for the California Appellate Project, the San Francisco Public Defender Office, the Equal Justice Initiative of Alabama, and she had her own private investigation firm.”  The Daily Kos reported, “Sandra has devoted her professional life with enormous empathy to helping the poor and underprivileged who have been swept up in the criminal justice system and to developing evidence to challenge the unfairness and unreliability of death sentences on behalf of the condemned.”

Regarding Alana, the Oakland Tribune reported:

In 1983, Alameda County prosecutors charged him with beating a young woman to death with a hammer in her North Oakland apartment.  He was later acquitted.  While in custody awaiting trial for the slaying, Alana and a fellow inmate were accused of fatally stabbing another prisoner.  A jury in Alana’s trial deadlocked, and he later pleaded no contest to the killing and was sentenced to six years in prison.  He is considered a high-risk sex offender, according to a state-run sex offender registry, which lists undated convictions for two counts of rape, kidnapping with intent to commit a sex offense and oral copulation.

The violent deviant, Alana, recently told an Oakland Tribune reporter that he was friendly with the victim and had talked to her about getting married.  However the more credible sister of the Sandra Coke states, “This is a man with convictions for murder and kidnapping.   He was the last person seen with my sister, but claims he has nothing to do with her disappearance and killing,” she said in a written statement.  “He is clearly someone who thinks nothing of lying and manipulating to serve his purposes.  Why would we or anyone else believe what he has to say?”

Who can be blamed (besides the perpetrator) for the circumstances that led to this tragedy? Certainly Governor Brown can be held responsible for realignment along with much of the California Legislature.  Department of Corrections leaders were complicit; offering lies to support the boondoggle.  Any corrections leaders who spoke the truth or offered caution or criticism were subject to the full wrath of the jack-boot retaliatory actions I am personally familiar with.

Maybe the failures start further back. Governor Schwarzenegger was ignorant or foolish enough to sign a deal with the devil on the Hickman/Woodford proposal to settle the Plata case with the federal court.  Certainly the ignorant academicians like Petersilia were responsible for the nonsensical theories that supported these efforts.   The courts went along for the ride.  The ignorance and arrogance of the justices is unmistakable.

Since the California Legislature, the courts, and those suffering from MCD are fiddling while California is burning, I have included a song for them to sing while they observe the carnage.  From the band, Imagine Dragons here are some lyrics from the song, Demons followed by the music video.

I want to hide the truth
But with the beast inside
There’s nowhere we can hide
No matter what we breed
We still are made of greed
This is my kingdom come

Don’t get too close
It’s dark inside
It’s where my demons hide

So they dug your grave
And the masquerade
Will come calling out
At the mess you made
Don’t want to let you down
But I am hell bound

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6 Comments to “Krupp Files: Prison realignment fulfilling its promises?”

  1. Tamra Bailey says:

    When you say “Any corrections leaders who spoke the truth or offered caution or criticism were subject to the full wrath of the jack-boot retaliatory actions I am personally familiar with.”, I’d love to know and document the short-list of who had the courage to speak the truth. There weren’t any “stakeholders” that I know of here in San Diego that officially went on the record against realignment. We should be keeping track of not only those with bad and dangerous ideas, but also those who said nothing.

    • Bill says:

      CCPOA, is also to blame. To date they still support AB109. I thought they represent public safety?

  2. J.Taylor says:

    Krupp for Governor.


  3. Centurion says:

    From the article:

    In an interview, Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez said, “We don’t believe in throwing money at problems. We’re going to talk to the governor and we’re going not going to spend a penny more than necessary.”


    Who does he think he’s kidding?

  4. Bob Walsh says:

    Paragraph two says it all for me. The bottom line, for our political ruling class, is to not look bad, and therefore ensure their continuing ability to feed at the public trough. The program of “Realignment” was touted as many things, what it actually is quite simply is a dodge. The state fooled or coerced the local authorities into buying into the program in order to take the issue, and therefore the problem, away from the state legislature. They can now, with some degree of justification, say “It’s not our fault, it’s not our problem.” It is a craven, cowardly and disgusting act of cowardice and avoidance. If the voters, as a group, had any balls or brains every person who voted for “realignment” would be voted out of office. It is of course not going to happen, because too much of the electorate is collectively clueless, uninformed or on the mooch.