Prison czar named by federal court

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justiceThe federal courts have determined that former federal judge Elwood Lui will be in charge of ordering the release of specified inmates if the Brown administration is unwilling or unable to act to reduce the prison population to 137.5% of design capacity by the end of February 2016.

As of right now the system is about 9,000 over that cap.  There are some additional beds being brought on-line which will help substantially, but there is also a projected net increase in numbers due to the normal ebb and flow of such things, including increases in second and third strike cases which must go to state prison rather than local lockup.

The feds are referring to Lui as a “compliance officer.”

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5 Comments to “Prison czar named by federal court”

  1. Check deez luinphooey! says:

    If Mr.Lui does his homework, let us hope he reads this blog and asks questions to the tons of suits trying to fix our wonderfully bioswale of fun in east Stockton west of the rail yard we call freedom.

    Comparing the Bundy Ranch semi-victory to our chapters’ fight against the tyrannical/ ignorant suits who make the big bucks and get really nice parking spots through bullying tactics might be a stretch, but it propped up our ears as united union members to remember why we started CCPOA in the first place, to protect our rights and never let suits and slobs eat our way of life from our hands.

    The Bundy family are heroes much like our job stewards and board members at CHCF and at other institutions like CMF, SQ, Folsom, and Avenal, as well as others. If we stay and fight we may win some. Yet if we bend over and take the Lozano Shrimp-boy acts of rape and assault seriously, we will lose and return our prisons back to pre-CCPOA times of actions of desperation and pre-receiver times.

    Stand up or the feds will run our prisons and Jerry Brown and Mr Pennsylvania Beard.
    God Bless Cliven Bundy and Brenda Gibbons and CCPOA.

    And thank Spud and Arnold in hell when you see em, if you don’t believe in miracles!

  2. JC says:

    All the above. Definitely a violation of states rights, and you know its a home-boy hookup situation also.

  3. kl2008a says:

    He must be buds and a golf partner with Kelso and his homey judges.

    • kl2008a says:

      They gotta take care of their friend to insure they have another income to keep a fancy new car AND boat in their garage on OUR dime!

  4. pacovilla says:

    A compliance officer is a Special Master is an affront to state’s rights…