Parolee sex offender stabs boy

Jul 3rd, 2012 | By | Category: Gold Star Parolee, Sex Offenders

A particularly odious parolee sex offender attempted to rape a boy in a restaurant bathroom over the weekend in Portland.  He then stabbed the 10-year old boy several times.  The boy nearly died.

Adam Lee Brown became infamous over a Oregon case for trying to infect children with HIV 20 years ago.

Brown in now a gust of Multonomah County on charges of attempted murder, kidnapping and assault.  He was arrested after a two-hour standoff, holed up in the john of the Wendy’s restaurant.

Brown had been previously convicted of three counts of first-degree sodomy, each count against a child.  He was originally charged with attempted murder because he knew he was HIV positive at the time.

Brown was in state custody for 11 years of his original 15 year sentence, with time off for good behavior.

Clicking here will link to an AP story on this sorry piece of subhuman trash.

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