Parolee detained by family, faces rape charges

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Kudos: Hanford’s Velasquez Family no enablers

All in the  Family Velasquez did what decent people do when one of their own commits a heinous crime: They gave him up.

All in the Family Velasquez did what decent people do when one of their own commits a heinous crime: They gave him up.

Parole violation turns into sexual assault arrest

Shannon Williams | Hanford Sentinel

HANFORD — Police say a man who was arrested for a parole violation Monday was discovered to be a possible suspect of a rape committed in Tulare…25-year-old Joseph Velasquez was taken into custody for violating his parole and later turned over to the Tulare Police Department for an investigation into a sexual assault.

Police first contacted Velasquez around 8 p.m., after officers were called to the Hanford Burger King for a report of an intoxicated man.

When officers arrived they found Velasquez being held to the ground by two men, later identified as his family members.

The men told police that Velasquez had cut off his parole issued ankle bracelet and the two had confronted him to talk about turning himself in…

The family told officers that Velasquez’s father read an article in a local paper about a rape that happened in Tulare on Sunday night…When his father went to confront Velasquez about his suspicions, police say he admitted to raping the woman.

Velasquez, who was on parole for stalking, was taken into custody for the parole violation…(Full text at Hanford Sentinel)

Some families circle the wagons when one of their own goes rogue, others hold their own accountable for their actions. Of times as not, parole agents deal with enabling families who facilitate parolee misconduct by covering for their wayward children. Many eventually reach out to the agent for intervention, invariably once the offender is completely out of control, but the Velasquez family went well beyond that.

Essentially, they effected a “citizen’s arrest,” responsible for removing a violent rapist from the streets.

Every family has a really bad actor pop out of the gene pool now and again–it’s no reflection on them. However, every family doesn’t do the right thing–It reflects well upon those who do.

God bless them, one and all.

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One Comment to “Parolee detained by family, faces rape charges”

  1. Bulldogger says:

    That is rare occurrence usually the families will protect the POS. They probably did it because he most likely raped or molested a family member that nobody but the family knows about.