Parolee busted for church arson

May 17th, 2012 | By | Category: Gold Star Parolee

A former guest of the state is now back in custody on a no-bail parole hold on suspicion of burning down a SoCal church.

Gregory Yusuke Shiga, 34, was charged yesterday for the Hacienda Heights fire on April 16 of last year.  The St. John Vianney Church suffered $6.5 million in damage in the fire.  The Sheriff’s Arson and Explosives detail and the FBI domestic terrorism unit all had hands in the 13 month investigation.

Shiga was charged with arson of a structure, causing multiple structures to burn and commercial burglary among other charges. If convicted of all charges he could get 12 years.  I wonder if he will do them in state prison on the local county slammer?  (Assuming he is convicted of course.)

Thanks to Caroline for the info on this one.


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One Comment to “Parolee busted for church arson”

  1. bulldogger says:

    This guy was on probation for sex crime when he comitted the arson and only recently paroled.