Paroled former denizen of death row arrested for child sex crime

Jul 14th, 2012 | By | Category: Gold Star Parolee

Wayne Edward East, now 56 years old, was sentenced to die in Texas for the murder of Mary Eula Sears, 77, in Abilene in 1981.  His sentence was commuted to life in prison in 1999 by a federal court order and he was eventually released on parole.  He was released on parole last year and was ordered by a judge to never return to Abilene.

He is now in custody in Glenn Heights (near Dallas) on an indecency with a child charge.  He is being held without bail as a parole violator.

Clicking here will link to a very brief AP story on SFGATE on this story.  Thanks to Caroline for the link.

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One Comment to “Paroled former denizen of death row arrested for child sex crime”

  1. CO to go says:

    this sort of thing will happen in Cali too…. Crime is rising and it continues every day the PAL’s and parolee’s seem to come back with more beefs and I’m seeing more arrests of parolee’s on the sac county jail page of fresh arrests daily. We have many beds to fill right now…..