Parole to layoff 80% by 2014

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Parole is fading away...

Six prisons also slated for closure according to DAPO conference call

June 21, 2011 | PacoVilla Corrections blog

SACRAMENTO — In a statewide conference call conducted last week by California’s director of parole operations, it was revealed 80% of all employees of CDCR’s Division of Parole Operations (DAPO) will be laid off in 2014.

PacoVilla Corrections blog has confirmed Parole Director Robert Ambroselli hosted the call, which was  was open to all employees throughout the state’s 4 parole regions.  Director Ambroselli reportedly stated the Governor’s Office had developed a plan to effectively end the state parole function as of fiscal year 2014.

Parole agents report Ambroselli indicated DAPO would be reduced to approximately 20% of its current size — Fully 80% of all field staff were advised to “look for work” or face certain termination within 3 years.

Call participants were also told CDCR would not be complying with Department of Personnel Administration regulations regarding layoffs.  Specifically, “statewide bumping rights” will not be honored — DAPO field employees receiving layoff notices may only “bump” junior employees working in the same county.  As a result of this decision, parole employees working in counties without a state prison within county lines face certain unemployment, irrespective of seniority.

Los Angeles County employees will suffer the largest hit, as over 25% of the entire state parole population is supervised in that county.  Compounding this is the presence of a single prison within the Los Angeles County lines:  CSP Lancaster.    That prison could find itself in an operational uproar as thousands of pink-slipped parole staff begin picking over the seniority rosters in search of a body to “bump.”

In addition to announcing the pending cuts to parole, Ambroselli was quoted stating CDCR would be “closing 6 prisons”  once Governor Brown had fully implemented AB109’s  “parole redirection” and “complied fully with the Supreme Court’s release order.”

-PacoVilla Corrections blog

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67 Comments to “Parole to layoff 80% by 2014”

  1. Vmal says:

    How can San Quentin be slated for closure with all the legalities encipher with death row? Where is the official list of the prisons slated for closure? Sounds like partial rumor and partial facts.

    • Bob Walsh says:

      IF the state has a death row, it must be at San Quentin by law (with a few minor exceptions). The law could be changed. For that matter, the death penalty might be ash-canned, then it would not be an issue.

  2. gps3056 says:

    I don’t know where to start.. What a mess i got myself into leaving a county probation department posiition (13 years) and being hired with DAPO approxiamately 3 years and change. First the furloughs hit and now lay offs.. I have paid union dues and don’t feel that the union repesented DAPO fairly. We were sold out and I think the union boss’ plan backfired and the prisons are not going to get burned as well. All along my co-workers were stating that they would juest return to the institutions and work as an officer, but I reminded them why they took the PA job. Lifestyle, antonomy, and family time (as well as a pay increase) but looks like there will not be enough slots for people top return to in the institutions. What’s worse it that those of us that came from probation realize that probation departments were choking on their existing probation population and now thousand of new customers (parolees) will be diverted their way for supervision. I never thought when I graduated from college and chose this field to work in that I would be unemployed (with approx 16 years experience) and would be looking for work outside public safety career. Thanks Jerry, who I voted for and don’t think Whittman would have allowed CDCR/DAPO to be dismattled in this fashion.

  3. tata lopez says:

    Correction: Soledad, Folsom, CIM, CRC, CIW, and San Quentin due to opertion costs!!

    An issue I forgot to voice was the fact our union persident has a parolee on his staff (full-salary), which is flown up and down every weekend from SoCal.He also pays for his housing costs (Condo), all this on CPPOA union members dime.

    Our union president hides the issue under the parolee being an intern, the facts contradict that fact!!



  4. tata lopez says:

    We should just be real with one another, and not pull any punches!!

    CCPOA along with CDCR agreed and or voted for AB109!!

    DAPO was sold out, and thrown under the bus!! However, six prisons are slated for closure: Soledad, Folsom, CIM,CRC, CIM and San Quentin!!

    CCPOA sold ouit CDCR Prison staff as well,the closures and DAPO PA bumpings rights are going to affect a lot of staff!!!

    God Bless

  5. Retired Capt. says:

    Negotiations made with DPA during the closure of the DJJ units the last four years. Also I inquired with CCPOA myself on issues for Staff and involuntary transfers and CCPOA stated to me no bumping.
    Kinda different for you probably to have a Capt inquire with CCPOA on Staff’s resources just to be told no.

    Amazing isn’t it????

    • F J says:

      As I recall, this all started with the NCWF closure, but my recollection ain’t what it used to be.

      • F J says:

        And it may have been the State actually pushing it to get out of paying relocation expenses. No bumping or forced transfers outside of the 50 mile limit means no relocation due since it would then be considered an employee opportunity transfer. If one were to do a voluntary transfer from NCWF to somewhere like CTF to a vacant position, no relocation reimbursement would be authorized. I’m sure that this is what is going to be going on with the current Parole fiasco.

  6. jjdenn says:

    Anyone hear of latest status of POFF accounts?. Still waiting for letter from administrator of accounts. I was told a few months ago that we would be given three options as soon as our contract was signed: (1) cash out (if old enough without penalty besides 20% tax rate) (2) Rollover to another account, or (3) leave it alone. Sorry about post on another topic but I didn;t know where to go.

    • 1962 says:

      I heard the state backed out of allowing us to rollover or cash out POFF.

      • jjdenn says:

        Are you telling me we have to wait til retirement? I’m old enough to tap into my 401K without penalty and was hoping I could do the same with the POFF. If we could roll it over we would have access to it but I guess the State wants us to wait.(and save them money) Any memos or anything cited on what you heard, Thanks

        • CO&Taxguy says:

          As a part-time tax advisor / preparer and full time CO, I have gotten a lot of questions with regards to the POFF fund. Unless a standing letter is submitted by CALPers and approved by the IRS to change the plan’s original policies, the funds will stay in place and nothing will change except there will be no more contributions, and we will still not be able to contribute to the fund. The original POFF plan allowed for distribution of funds upon termination of ALL state service or retirement. This would negate the ability for individuals to simply take early cash distributions from the fund. The original plan also allowed for the individual to elect to execute a rollover upon termination or separation of state service into a qualified plan (traditional/roth IRA, 401/457). However the effect of this action would merely serve three purposes: first, the individual would have control of the investment options, whereas current investment of the funds is controlled by CALPers. Secondly, by rolling the funds over to a plan such as a 401/457, you avoid taxation of the funds and you would have the added benefit of the loan provisions, whereby increasing the amount one could borrow against their retirement plan. Rolling the funds into a Roth would constitute a distribution and subject the funds to the individual’s ordinary income tax rate. You could purchase air time, but depending on the current value of your fund, it probably won’t cover much more than 1/3 of the costs to buy 1 year. This option was contingent on the POFF fund being around a lot longer than 13 yrs.

          As is, I would rarely advise any CO client of mine to take any early cash distribution from a retirement plan, be it POFF, IRA or 401/457. During the onset of the furlough program, I can’t count how many COs taxes I prepared who were subjected to 10% penalties and increased tax because they dipped into retirement plans for cash.

          I hope this tid-bit of information was useful :)

    • JSC says:

      Information for employees enrolled in POFF II:
      State employees in Bargaining Unit 6, as well as managers and supervisors affiliated with that unit, are enrolled in a supplemental retirement plan known as POFF II, administered by CalPERS. The State recently ended its contributions to POFF II for all enrolled members. This action has no effect on existing account balances. These funds will continue to be available for payout when you retire or separate from State service in the same manner as they would have been had contributions continued. Information taken from the CCSO website.

    • Payaso says:

      You can also use it to buy airtime

  7. an says:

    I have been notified by a source that the Department has sent out emails to all those that were supposed to be going to the June Academy that stated that there will not be another academy until 7/1/2012. So I guess the Department is making room for the PAs going to the institutions because the Department is stating that they need at least 3 to 4 years to complete the “reduction” plan of inmates at institutions. Also, if you look on CDCr website and read about the ‘realignment” program, it states that they’re going to build more prisons within prisons; turn CIW into a medical/rehab joint, etc… and If you look at the May 2011-2012 revised budget, they added over 3,000 positions to CDCr. I don’t know what all this means for everyone, but I cannot think that CCPOA is just sitting back ideally while all their members are going to be axed and their dues will not be coming in. I am hopeful that the institutions will absorb the PAs over the next two years and that with Stockton’s 1800 beds slotted in and the supposed building that’s to go on, that no one will be out a job. I know that I will be praying for you all, including my husband who is one of you at an institution with only 4 years in……I swear this job is more stressful than what we could have ever imagined…and I’m not talking about the inmates!

  8. Retired Capt. says:

    I speculate you will be absorbed into the Institutions you came from. You may even have a choice of which Institution to return to if there are vacancies. That is why the Academy was cancelled. You will probably have to go back as Officers. I do not believe they will allow you to bump the CCIs. CCPOA is the one who negotiated not to allow bumping. Now this will be interesting for Parole Agents who were Lieutenants and Sergeants when they went to Paroles. The Parole agents who were hired off the streets (from other agencies) maybe be out of a job.

    Basically when you take a job that is Administrated out of HQs you belong to HQs which itself gives you “some” right of return.

    • superdog says:

      Retired Capt.; where does it state that CCPOA is the one who negotiated to not allow bumping? I would like to read it. So far, I have not seen it, just a lot of speculation. Thanks.

    • 1962 says:

      The conference call stated that we can not go back to the institutions we came from. We can only go to an institution in the county we work in. If there is no prison in your county, no job.

  9. west40 says:

    The alignment will happen, this week our agents were involved in a joint LASO/DAPO parole compliance sweep with LASD taking the lead and doing the searches, as well as passing out pamplets while the agents were just along to advise if they were going to violate the parolee, WTF?, we’ve been replaced but we don’t know it yet

    • 1962 says:

      I wonder if LASO is going to have to do all the reports that we must now do if and when they do take over. If they have to, they’re not gonna be too happy.