PAL terminally rehabilitated in Santa Barbara County

Jun 29th, 2012 | By | Category: Gold Star Parolee

A parolee-at-large was shot to death by the local constabulary in Santa Maria yesterday morning.

Sheriff’s Deputies and Santa Maria PD began following a car they had spotted with a known PAL on board.  When the car got to N. Broadway the PAL, Lose Luis Ortega, 22, bailed out, ran, and lead started flying.  Ortega was hit and killed.  He was carrying a gun though it is not yet clear whether he fired on the cops or not.  Ortega was a known gang member.

The other people in the car were arrested on various controlled substance charges.

Thanks to Caroline and Mouse for items on this.

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One Comment to “PAL terminally rehabilitated in Santa Barbara County”

  1. BeRealCO says:

    One less PAL on the streets….score!