NRP convicted of attempted murder of a peace officer

Jun 23rd, 2012 | By | Category: Gold Star Parolee

A former guest of the state who was on non-revocable parole because he was such a good guy was convicted last week of the attempted murder of a Fremont cop.  The cop was so badly injured when the parolee tried to run him down with his car that he will be unable to return to the job.

Alexander Diaz, now 38, was convicted of the attempted murder along with auto theft and grand theft this past Monday.

Diaz had stolen a delivery van loaded with electronics on October 4, 2010.  Officer Patrick Brower was on his motor unit at the time and spotted Diaz.  Diaz deliberately drove into the cycle and pushed Brower and his bike across three lanes and pinned him against a traffic light pole.

I am guessing that the attempted murder of a peace officer is an exempt offense under realignment so I suspect Diaz will be back in the warm and welcoming arms of the state in the near future.  With luck for a very long time.

Clicking here will link to a brief SFGATE story on this subject.  Thanks to Caroline for the link.


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One Comment to “NRP convicted of attempted murder of a peace officer”

  1. hehe says:

    Im completely disgusted that it has to come for this in order to get or keep these guys locked up. Way to go peeps in charge