Now grad students being ripped by budget cuts

Aug 16th, 2012 | By | Category: Budget

The formerly great state of California has a real budget crisis.  That is beyond dispute.  Whether or not the state is effectively dealing with it is an open question.  Specific actions the state is taking, allegedly to help with the crisis, are highly dubious.

California residents, who are mostly also California taxpayers, will be unable to apply for graduate studies in the state this spring.  Non-residents will not be so encumbered.  It comes down to money.  Out-of-state students pay the full freight.  In state students do not, they are in effect subsidized by taxpayers.  In state students pay about 7,500.  Out-of-state students pay about 2 1/2 times that.

There are currently about 46,500 graduate students in the system.

Undergrad admission are also being slammed hard.  Ten CSU campuses will accept only Community College transfer students for the spring term.  Some will only accept those transfers with an AA degree.  Some will take only veterans.

CSU officials are asserting that, if the Jerry Brown “Tax those rich bastards” tax increase plan does not pass in November another 25,000 students could be turned away from the CSU system.

Clicking here will link to a LA Daily News piece on this subject.  Thanks to Caroline for the link.

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One Comment to “Now grad students being ripped by budget cuts”

  1. WDC says:

    If a vet meets academic criteria he/she should go to the front of the line, followed by the residents/students of this state, then the best and brightest who can afford to subsidize Californians. These new rules are total BS.