Non-290 Gold Star “phishing” for pubescent girls in Long Beach

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Long Beach man arrested for sending sexually explicit photos to underage girls

LONG BEACH – Long Beach police on Tuesday arrested a 38-year-old man suspected of sending sexually explicit photos via text messages to at least three underage girls…Tracy Loing of Long Beach, allegedly used a form of “phishing” by calling random numbers with a “418” prefix, a common prefix for local cell phones. If a young girl answered, Loing allegedly would hang up and then try to engage her in a correspondence through text messaging…

Detectives believe that was the case two weeks ago when a 15-year-old girl received a call from a man asking for someone other than her. The girl told the man he had the wrong number and hung up.

A few minutes later, she received a text message from the man she believed had just called her. The message followed up with an explicit photo of a man’s genitalia…Police took the girl’s cell phone and Detective Jennifer Kearns, posing as a 13-year-old girl, began a correspondence with the man that was mostly of a sexual nature…Kearns got the man to agree to meet her at a restaurant near Seventh Street and Long Beach Boulevard, where detectives were waiting…

Loing was being held on a parole violation…Loing is not a registered sex offender…(Full text at Press-Telegram)

Rider and PacoVilla Forums stalwart 67 Fastback brought this item to our attention noting, “the guy was on parole, but was not a sex offender.   It just proves you cannot predict what these guys are going to do once they’re released into the community.”

AND, he is correct, if by “you” he meant the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. I daresay anyone else with access to the offender’s cumulative history, the ability to read and a modicum of common sense often can make such predictions.

Anecdotally, experience tells Paco there’s something on the order of a 75% likelihood Loing’s rapsheet, pre-sentencing report or other documents in the Central File will reflect a potential sex-offender. 

Sometimes, it is simply a matter of reading the crime and arrest reports for clues.  For example, I have read several files where it was apparent the offenders were not simply residential burglars but voyeurs (aka peeping Tom’s) who entered the homes to retrieve souvenirs.  Rapsheets often reflect arrests for sex crimes that were not prosecuted…also a clue to the parolee’s true nature.

The point is, the Agency can do a much better job of assessing an offender’s risk level.  However, recent reports of the widespread manipulation of supervision levels to meet arbitrary threshholds make clear CDCR is more concerned with costs, not risks.

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